When the search committee identifies the final candidate for an open job, an offer of employment may be extended.  Offers of employment must be extended and accepted in writing. The following are general steps for offering an academic personnel appointment at the University of Washington. Detailed procedures are determined at the local level.

  • The chair/director discusses a tentative offer with the candidate and ascertains his or her citizenship/permanent resident status. If the candidate is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, the chair/director should review procedures for sponsoring a visa, and contact International Scholars Operations to begin the appropriate process.
  • Unit determines if a Criminal Background Check is necessary.
  • Using the appropriate offer/appointment letter template linked below, the unit drafts an offer letter which must include all applicable conditional/contingency language
  • For those candidates not chosen, units may send an unsuccessful candidate letter.
  • The unit notifies the dean/chancellor immediately upon receipt of acceptance of offer.
  • The unit sends a copy of the letter of acceptance and a summary of the terms of the offer to the dean/chancellor.
  • The unit sends the new faculty member any forms needed to complete the new appointment packet and the moving expense packet.
    • If the candidate is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, the unit instructs the candidate to Obtain a Social Security Number before beginning employment.

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