Personal Leave

Forms to be completed by employee and certified by healthcare provider(HCP)
Family member’s serious health condition
Fitness for duty certification
Maternity-related disability
Military family leave – serious injury or illness of service member
Military caregiver leave – serious injury or illness of a veteran
Parental leave for parent other than birth mother
Personal serious health condition

Forms to be completed by employee (verification documents required; HCP certification not required)
Domestic violence-related leave
Military family leave – qualifying exigency
Leave without pay 

Note: To request a leave without pay for personal reasons or a military duty leave under USERRA, contact your local unit administrator.

Professional Leave

Forms to be completed by employee and submitted to local department (not AHR)
Sabbatical leave-faculty (formerly known as paid professional leave)
Sabbatical leave-librarians
Sabbatical leave policy page

Notifying Your Supervisor or Manager

As a condition of taking leave, you are required to give your supervisor or manager (e.g. chair/director/campus dean) advance notice as soon as practicable. If you cannot provide advance notice because of an emergency or unforeseen circumstances, your designee must give notice to the employer no later than the end of the first day that you take leave. In the event of a medical leave, while you are required to give notice to your manager, you are not required to disclose the nature of your condition or any medical facts related to your condition.

Confidentiality of Information

The University will treat information you provide confidentially. Information will only be disclosed if you request or consent to it, as ordered by the court or administrative agency, or as otherwise required by federal or state law.

Documenting Leave

Most leave balances are recorded in Workday. Contact the Integrated Service Center (ISC) or your local unit contact for information about entering leaves and viewing leaves records.

Maintaining Benefits While on Leave

To avoid interruption of benefits, academic personnel on leave can arrange to self-pay their insurance premiums if needed or required. For questions about benefits related to leaves, including adding dependents, or extending benefits while on leave, contact the ISC at

Disability Accommodations

Contact the Disability Services Office to seek an accommodation for a disability.

Promotion and Tenure Clock Extensions

Academic personnel in clock-managed ranks are subject to mandatory reviews for promotion. To learn more about how leaves may affect mandatory review periods, visit the Promotion and Tenure Clock Extension page.

Returning to Work

If your leave is related to your own serious health condition as prescribed by a healthcare provider, you are required to complete a Fitness for Duty Form.

Additional Questions

Questions regarding leave policy can be directed to the Academic HR team in the Office of Academic Personnel. For more information about academic personnel types, review APS 40.1.

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