Interfolio Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ad setup

Q. How do I submit an ad? I don’t see the “Submit” button.
A. Once you have completed the steps to create a position, a “Review” screen will pop up that includes all the information entered during the “Create a Position” process. After reviewing all of the sections you can click the “Submit” button.

Q. How do I publish an ad?
A. The approved position will be automatically published and go ‘live’ when you reach the “Position Opens” date entered earlier in the “Create a Position” process. If your position gets approved well in advance of the “Position Opens” date, you can manually publish it by selecting the change option or edit the “Position Opens” date by selecting the “Description & Dates” link from the side menu.

Q. How do I record the hiring plan number?
A. Enter the number in the “Position ID or Requisition Number” field.

Q. Why is the hiring plan number important?
A. Positions that appear on the hiring plan must have an approved hiring plan number to ensure that the funding for the position is approved. 

Q. I submitted an ad with wrong position type. How do I fix it?
A. Unfortunately, you will need to recreate this position under the correct Position Type and then delete the original position.

Q. I submitted an ad under the wrong unit. How do I fix it?
A. Unfortunately, you will need to recreate this position under the correct unit. Please recreate the position and then delete the original position.

Q. I am having difficulty opening Interfolio in Microsoft Edge. Should be I use a different browser?
A. Recommended browsers for Interfolio Faculty Search are Chrome, Mozilla and Safari.

Q. What are the steps for an administrative position search in Interfolio for which only UW personnel are eligible?


  • Assign 1-DEP or 1-UNDEP position type
  • When creating position title in Interfolio, add “(Internal Only)” to the end of the title
  • ISO will approve the ad and forward to Academic HR for basic compliance review
  • Departments must still enter search committee names, evaluation criteria, and disposition codes prior to closing the search

Note: Administrative searches requiring a new academic appointment, must have an external competitive search per the standard recruitment protocol unless a search waiver has been approved.

Q. How do I know my faculty advertisement is in compliance?

A. Academic HR reviews all advertisements for compliance with University policy requirements, U.S. Department of Labor requirements, as well as equal opportunity and affirmative action federal laws.

Approvals and updating users

Q. My Chair or Dean has changed. What should I do before an ad has been created?
A. If your chair or dean has recently changed, you may want to double check that they have been assigned the proper approval title according to the UW Competitive Recruitment Approval Matrices.

To check, click “Users & Groups” in the left column menu.  Search for your approver by typing his/her name into the search field. To serve as a Chair or Dean/Chancellor approver, the individual (or their delegate) must be given the Administrator role and then the Chair or Dean/Chancellor title. For more information on assigning approver titles, please review Add additional administrators as approvers. You should also ensure your previous Chair or Dean is removed from your approval chain by deleting them as users for your unit.

Q. My Chair or Dean has changed but the position is already been created. How do I update an Administrator, Chair, or Dean after an ad has been created?
A. Now when Faculty Search administrators change or add new users, these users will be applied not just to new positions but also to existing positions. Keep in mind it is a best practice to have a second person for each approval step to ensure that processes can continue moving forward even when someone is out of the office.

Applicant questions

Q. What should I tell international applicants who are prompted to select a US state of residence in the address portion of the application?
A. In April Interfolio fixed the bug that asked international applicants to list a U.S. state of residence. This should no longer be an issue.

Job board

Q. Why isn’t a position showing on the job board?
A. Refer to the “reviewing and publishing the position” user guide: Go to the position, click on the “Position Actions” button in the upper right hand corner. Then select “Edit Position”. From there you will want to click on the change button below “Apply now page is not published” and publish the position.

Q. When are positions posted to the job board?
A. Positions are uploaded to the web site at 4:40am, 8:40am, 12:40pm, 4:40pm, 8:40pm, and 12:40am.

Access and Reporting

Q. Why can’t I view applicants?
A. This could be an issue from before the UW-wide Interfolio implementation; Interfolio may have your email set up as vs. You should contact Interfolio directly at (877) 997-8807; 9a–6p EST M–F or and ask them to merge the two profiles.

If your unit was not using Interfolio before the UW-wide implementation, it could be that their user role is not set up correctly. Information on managing users can be found in the Interfolio Help Center.

Q. How can I access Interfolio’s reports/data?
A. For reports/data support, please contact Please include what you need and the problem you are trying to solve.

Q. How can I run an EOAA report?
A. To run an EOAA report, you will need to navigate to the “Report” tab, click “Form Reports”, select your unit from the drop-down menu, select your position, select “University of Washington Affirmative Action Information Request”, click “View Report”, the report will appear on the screen below. You can print a copy.

Disposition codes

Q. How can I customize the disposition codes?
A. The disposition list is institutional, is used for EOAA reporting, and cannot be modified.

Affirmative Action and Diversity

Q. What is the difference between Affirmative Action Goals, Diversity Goals and Diversity Statements?

A. Affirmative Action Goals

Affirmative Action Goals are a department’s placement goals to recruit women and minority employees as defined by regulations (§60-2.16). Each academic unit’s outlined Affirmative Action Goals can be accessed here. If you are unsure of your unit’s Affirmative Action Goals, contact the Affirmative Action Office at

Information about these goals should be included in the General Notes section when creating a job posting in Interfolio. Also include details about good faith efforts to reach these goals. This could include plans to advertise with diversity-based organization/job boards, actions to have diverse members on the search committee, etc. Learn more in the Interfolio User Guide about using internal notes. Please Note: Academic unit-specific diversity goals should not be included in the General Notes section of a new job posting. However, this information could be included in a diversity statement. See below for more information.

Diversity Statements

Each job posting has a prepopulated institutional diversity statement. Additionally, academic units are welcome to encourage one or more underrepresented populations to apply, but may in no way imply or state a preference for a specific population. Draft ads that imply or state a preference will be returned for revision. More information can be found in our Interfolio User Guide about Building a Job Posting. If you are unsure of your diversity statement, check with your dean’s office.


Q. How can I request a new form?
A. Please send your new form request to, including a description of the form and what should be included. Your request will be routed to the Interfolio Advisory Committee, which will review this request vs. other requests.

Q. How can I submit a general enhancement request for Interfolio?
A. Please send your enhancement requests to, including a description of your idea as well as the problem you are trying to solve. We will add your request to the list to be reviewed by UW’s Interfolio Advisory Committee.