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Faculty Affairs Advisory Committee

The FAAC serves as the advisory board to Faculty Affairs in the UW Tri-Campus System. The Committee primarily focuses on operations and procedures regarding faculty affairs throughout the UW Tri-Campus system. FAAC provides overall direction, priority setting, guidance for process improvement and development of new initiatives and programming. During meetings, the advisory committee discusses: implementation strategies, best practices, and other issues related to faculty development, promotion, merit and unit adjustment, faculty annual reviews, excellence, equity, and assist in the communication process by sharing information discussed at college/school, and campus levels. The inaugural chair of FAAC is Deepa Rao and Trish Kritek is the co-chair.

The committee meets once a month.

FAAC representatives

College/School/Campus/Services Representatives
Arts & Sciences, College of

Maya Smith
Associate Dean for Equity, Justice and Inclusion
Built Environments, College of

Lynne Manzo
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Dentistry, School of

Greg Huang
Interim Associate Dean for Faculty
Education, College of

Janine Jones
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Engineering, College of

Aileen Trilles
Senior Director of Human Resources
The Environment, College of

Stephanie Harrington
Associate Dean for Administration and Finance
Evans School of Public Policy
and Governance
Jodi Sandfort
Dean of Evans School
Foster School
of Business
Jennifer Koski
Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs
Information School

Jin Ha Lee
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Law, School of

Elizabeth Pendo
Associate Dean for Academic Administration

Laura Lillard
Director of Libraries Human Resources
Medicine, School of

Trish Kritek
Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs
Nursing, School of

Pam Kohler
Chair of SoN Department of Child, Family, and Population Health Nursing
Pharmacy, School of

Peggy Odegard
Vice Dean, School of Pharmacy
Public Health, School of

Deepa Rao
Vice Dean for Faculty
Social Work, School of

Kalei Kanuha
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
UW Bothell

Wadiya Udell
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Faculty Success
UW Tacoma

Sarah Davies Breen
Director of Faculty Affairs & Academic Human Resources