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Candidate offer letter

updated 6/12/2023

Dear ________:

It is a pleasure to inform you that the Department of ____ has recommended your appointment at the rank of ____, effective ____. This recommendation has been forwarded with your credentials to the dean/chancellor of the school/college/campus of ___________, who has authorized me to inform you of the terms of the offer.

This offer is contingent upon acceptable outcomes regarding criminal background (if applicable) and sexual misconduct. [Insert language found on Sexual Misconduct Reference Check page.]

It is also contingent upon [If required for tenured appointments by unit policy: “successful outcome of the <<College/School Council>> review and”] approval by the University of Washington Board of Regents. Pending Board approval, you will receive a separate notification from Academic HR confirming your official appointment.

Appointment Details

The proposed annual salary is $____ ($____ per month) on a ____-month basis (____% time).

Tenure percent or indicate “non-tenure eligible”.

[For an Assistant Professor include this paragraph.]

The initial appointment of an Assistant Professor is typically for a period of three years. Renewal for a second three-year term will be considered by the department and school/college/campus during spring quarter of the second year. A mandatory review for tenure and promotion must be conducted in the sixth year of appointment (although it may be recommended earlier), [unless hired on a part-time basis].

[For an Acting Assistant Professor, pending PhD include the previous paragraph and this paragraph.]

Because the rules of the University preclude the use of the Assistant Professor title when the prospective faculty member is in the process of completing a doctorate, the department has recommended this appointment at the Acting Assistant Professor rank until you have completed your degree. Upon certification of degree completion, the department intends to recommend the change of your appointment to Assistant Professor. At such time the acting appointment will conclude, and an initial three-year Assistant Professor appointment will begin. This is, of course, contingent upon your timely completion of the degree.

As a new faculty member, you may participate in the Faculty Fellows program, which is a one-week, salaried orientation program that takes place each year before autumn quarter begins.

[For an Assistant Professor, include any information regarding school/college/campus funding, awards, or programs to enhance scholarly and teaching careers]

[Add paragraphs concerning moving expense policy as appropriate and use the Benefits at a Glance and Moving Expense pages as an enclosure.]

The general function and responsibilities of the appointment include ____________.

If you accept our offer, you should upon arrival at the University examine the sections of the Faculty Code that pertain to the responsibilities and expectations of all faculty. Particular attention should be paid to the rules of appointment and reappointment contained in Chapter 24 of the Code.

Before your appointment recommendation can be acted upon formally, we must receive your written concurrence with the proposed terms of appointment as specified above. Please provide this as soon as possible. Once you have obtained access to University computing systems you will be expected to complete some information in Workday, such as Affirmative Action data and W-4 withholding. If you need assistance with Workday, contact Employee Workday Help.

A condition of this appointment is that you resign any faculty appointment or other employment which you are holding elsewhere by the effective date of your University of Washington appointment.

[Include a statement regarding College/School council review if applicable: Because your appointment carries tenure, it must be reviewed by the ______________ College/School Council.]

All University appointments require formal action by the Board of Regents to become effective. When confirming action is taken by the Board, the president will provide you with a formal notice of appointment.

I look forward to receiving your response.

Sincerely yours,