Updated May 10, 2021


Washington state law prohibits the UW from hiring or appointing candidates to academic personnel positions who do not complete and sign a sexual misconduct declaration prior to official offer of employment or appointment.

Sexual Misconduct Declaration

Per the law, applicants must complete a declaration disclosing if they:

  • Are the subject of any substantiated findings of sexual misconduct in any current or past postsecondary employment
  • Are currently being investigated for sexual misconduct at any current or past postsecondary employer
  • Have left a position during an investigation into a violation of any sexual misconduct policy at any current or past postsecondary employers

This declaration authorizes the final candidate’s current and past postsecondary employers to disclose to the UW any sexual misconduct committed by the candidate and to make copies of all documents available. Additionally, the form releases the final candidate’s current and past postsecondary employers, and employees acting on behalf of that employer, from any liability.

Final candidates must complete a new declaration for each position for which they are being considered if there has been any break in service. Previous declarations cannot be used for new positions.

For any affirmative responses, final candidates are required to provide an explanation of the situation.

Accessing Declaration Responses From Interfolio

Unit administrators and committee managers can access the applicant responses in Interfolio by pulling a Sexual Misconduct Declaration form report. Information on how to pull these reports can be found in Interfolio’s Help content.

Hiring units may choose to disqualify applicants who responded affirmatively on the declaration form from continuing further in the recruitment process. Hiring units should not ask applicants for details about any affirmative responses.

Impact to the Hiring Process

Candidates Recruited through Interfolio
The declaration form has been added to Interfolio under Required Documents for all searches going forward. All Interfolio applicants will submit the form as part of the application process. Units should pull the form report from Interfolio when the position is closed to new applications or when a group of applications is to be reviewed.

All Final Candidates
A fillable PDF version of the declaration form must be completed by all final candidates who are not current UW employees. These declarations may be signed electronically and are required when both the Workday action initiation and the hire date are on or after October 1, 2020.

Units should contact an Academic HR business partner when a final candidate’s completed declaration form indicates affirmative findings or investigations. Academic HR will communicate with hiring units to determine next steps.

Failure of the candidate to provide complete and accurate information will result in disqualification from employment and withdrawal of any offer of employment or appointment.

Use the chart below to help identify where in the recruitment process a candidate will be asked to complete a declaration.

Candidate type and recruitment method Interfolio form required? PDF form required?*
External candidate
Recruited via Interfolio
Yes Yes
External candidate
Recruited outside of Interfolio
No Yes
Internal candidate
Recruited via Interfolio
Yes No
Internal candidate
Recruited outside of Interfolio
No No
Emeritus or Unpaid Academic No Yes**

*Must be provided to and completed by the preferred candidate prior to extending an offer.
**No reference check will be required if there is no break in service.

For applicants not selected due to their declaration responses, a new disposition code has been added to Interfolio: Not selected- misconduct declaration.

Reference Checks: Contacting Employers

Beginning July 1, 2021 following state law, the UW is requiring sexual misconduct reference checks of current and former postsecondary educational institution employers in Washington state prior to extending offers of employment or appointment. Visit the Sexual Misconduct Reference Checks page for details.


If you have any questions, please contact your AHR Specialist or acadpers@uw.edu.