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Interfolio FS position types

Units creating academic positions in Interfolio Faculty Search need to assign a Position Type which dictates the review process for a given job advertisement.

There are 6 unique Position Types – 3 for departmentalized schools/colleges/campuses and 3 for undepartmentalized schools/colleges/campuses. The Position Type will depend on the unit type (departmentalized/undepartmentalized), academic title/rank associated with the position, whether the position is on the hiring plan, and whether the draft advertisement requires review by the Office of Academic Personnel (OAP). To determine which Position Type should be assigned, please refer to the decision tree below.

Note: Once a Position Type is set, it cannot be edited. If any approvers determine the Position Type needs to be corrected, the Interfolio FS ad creation process needs to be restarted from the beginning.

Review Process

1-DEP/UNDEP: Applies to all positions eligible for permanent residence sponsorship regardless of whether or not the unit plans to sponsor the future hire for permanent residence. To be eligible for permanent residence sponsorship, positions must include teaching duties. These positions are reviewed by 2 teams within the Office of Academic Personnel (OAP): Academic HR (AHR) and International Scholars Operations (ISO).

2-DEP/UNDEP: Applies to positions on your hiring plan that are not eligible for permanent residence sponsorship. These positions are reviewed by the AHR team.

3-DEP/UNDEP: Applies to positions not on your hiring plan and not eligible for permanent residence sponsorship. These positions are reviewed at the local level and receive a less in-depth review from the AHR team.

Regardless of the assigned Position Type, units are responsible for reviewing the position description, qualifications, and internal notes to ensure accuracy and compliance with UW policy.


If you have questions about your unit’s hiring plan, follow up with your dean/chancellor office.  For questions about Interfolio FS or academic personnel recruitment, contact your AHR specialist. For questions about permanent resident sponsorship, contact the ISO team.