The Department of Labor has unique eligibility requirements for permanent residence sponsorship of international faculty whose job responsibilities involve teaching. As part of the permanent residence sponsorship process, the unit must create a detailed report describing the recruitment. Click here to see a sample report.

The report must include:

  • Description of when the committee was formed and a list of its members
  • A description of the job duties, which must include teaching
  • A description of all recruitment steps taken, including dates of publication
  • Number of applications received
  • Explain what criteria were considered to narrow the list of applicants at each stage of the selection process
  • Additional steps (e.g. campus visit, interview, sample lecture, letters of recommendation, etc.) used to evaluate the qualifications of the final applicants
  • A description of the final candidates, and for final candidates who were not offered a job, specific reasons why they were deemed unacceptable or unqualified for the position
    • Do not list each finalist by name but use other identifiers such as “candidate X” and “candidate Y”
  • A detailed description of the selected foreign national, and specific job-related reasons why the selected foreign national was more qualified than each of the U.S. workers who were available, able and willing to do the job
  • The date the foreign national was selected, usually the date of the offer letter

The report must be signed by an official who has hiring authority.