Permanent Residency Requirements


In order for Academic Human Resources (AHR) and International Scholars Operations (ISO) to ensure that the development, review, approval and publication of advertisements adhere to University of Washington policies, as well as Department of Labor requirements in the event the selected candidate requires UW sponsorship for permanent residency, the following requirements are used to facilitate the advertisement process for faculty, librarian and academic staff jobs which require a competitive recruitment.


1. Job advertisements must be published in a national professional journal in order for the recruitment to satisfy Department of Labor permanent residency requirements. The application deadline must be at least thirty (30) days after the date of the initial publication.

2. Must include a detailed and specific description of teaching duties or include the phrase:

All University of Washington faculty engage in teaching, research and service.”

“Research” can be deleted from this phrase for Lecturer appointments.

3. Electronic ads, if used in lieu of a print ad, MUST include a posting in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

4. Retain a copy of the order confirmation received from The Chronicle of Higher Education which displays the advertisement type and the start date of when it was posted online, and a copy of the ad text as it appears on The Chronicle of Higher Education’s website.

5. Include only qualifications essential to the job; preferences should not be listed. In the context of a permanent residence application, the Department of Labor will consider all education/experience/skills/qualifications/etc. listed in the ad to be requirements, even if the ad says that they are preferred/ideal/etc. Units will need to provide proof that the successful candidate met the minimum requirements at the time of hire.

6. For purposes of a green card application, units must obtain documentary evidence of the fulfillment of each requirement listed in the ad. To avoid difficulties, consider rewording preferences and vague requirements (e.g. “must be able to mentor diverse student populations”) as job duties (e.g. “duties include mentoring diverse student populations”).

7. Candidates who fail to satisfy minimum qualifications cannot be considered for the job.

8. Jobs with a work experience requirement are unlikely to be viewed as entry- level by the Department of Labor, and may accordingly be assigned a higher wage in the prevailing wage determination process.(

9. Do not advertise the salary or salary range. Ads may state that successful candidates will be expected to secure funding for their research, but not imply that they must generate their own salary.

10. For Physician jobs with patient care responsibilities, include the following language in the advertisement:

“In order to be eligible for University sponsorship for an H-1B visa, graduates of foreign (non-U.S,) medical schools must show successful completion of all three steps of the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) or equivalent as determined by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.”

Submitting Advertisements for Approval

If a hiring unit wishes to use multiple versions of an advertisement across several publications, submit them all to in a single request for advertisement review. All duties and requirements must be consistent across all ad versions.

  • For print advertisements, maintain a copy of the page on which the ad appeared. If that page does not show the journal’s title and publication date, also maintain a copy of the journal’s cover page for that issue.
  • Maintain copies of all advertisements, whether print or electronic.

AHR and ISO strive to provide responsive, consultative review and will contact the unit with advertisement feedback or approval within four (4) business days.