updated 11/1/22

[name and address of visiting scholar]

Dear Dr. _________________________ :

On behalf of the University of Washington [insert school/college/campus name], I am pleased to extend an invitation to you as a Visiting Scholar in the [insert department/program/school/college]. This letter outlines your status, rights, and responsibilities as a UW Visiting Scholar.

This offer is contingent upon acceptable outcomes regarding criminal background (if applicable) and sexual misconduct. [Insert language found on Sexual Misconduct Reference Check page.]

Appointment Details

  • Title
  • Start date
  • Appointment length

General Information

The Visiting Scholar title is an honorary title awarded to persons visiting the University of Washington (University) who hold professorial positions at other institutions. Visiting Scholars are not employed by the University during their stay. Status as a Visiting Scholar enables you to participate generally in the scholarly and scientific life of the University community, and specifically affords you the following privileges:

  • Library borrowing privileges as provided by Library regulations.
  • Computing privileges, including email, which may require payment of a fee.
  • Access to University study and non-classified research facilities.
  • Access to recreational and other facilities, which may require payment of a fee.
  • U-Pass and parking on University campus for a fee.

The extension of these courtesies is evidenced by the issuance of a Visiting Scholar Identification card. This card can be obtained by going to the Husky Card Office located in the basement of Odegaard Library. Please understand that there may be fees associated with some of these courtesies and that you may be asked to pay those fees. Details regarding these courtesies will be provided with your Visiting Scholar Identification card.

Intellectual Property

As a Visiting Scholar, you will have access to University non-classified research facilities, and you may have opportunities to participate in some University research projects. Such activities may carry with them obligations regarding intellectual property (IP), including patents, copyrights, and confidential information. For example, a University research project supported by funding from a private company typically is subject to contractual requirements that the University offer the sponsor the right to license any IP arising from the research. Similarly, research supported by the U.S. government may be subject to a grant condition that the University will provide the federal government with certain IP rights. Your participation in any such project is contingent upon your agreement to comply with the University’s obligations to its sponsor(s). This is important for you to consider because you may have existing IP obligations to your home institution or others. It is your and your faculty sponsor’s responsibility to avoid conflicts between your responsibilities to the University of Washington and your responsibilities to other organizations. If you or your faculty sponsor have questions about how to fulfill these responsibilities, please contact UW CoMotion.

Prior to beginning any work at the University as a Visiting Scholar, you will need to identify and report any IP rights or obligations to your home institution that may conflict with your obligations while working at the University to your University of Washington sponsor. As a Visiting Scholar, you will be required to disclose to UW CoMotion all intellectual property developed in association with a University research project or through the use of University resources. UW CoMotion will evaluate such disclosures to determine whether the University has an ownership position or other financial interest in the IP and whether the disclosed IP is the subject of obligations to third parties. If necessary, UW CoMotion will coordinate its evaluation with your home institution.

You agree to cooperate with UW CoMotion in making such ownership determinations, and, if UW CoMotion concludes the University has an ownership interest in the disclosed IP, you agree to execute assignments or other documents as requested by UW CoMotion. If the University claims ownership through your contribution, and if the disclosed IP is commercialized, either you or your home institution may be eligible for revenue sharing according to University policy, which may be revised from time to time.

If you have questions about any of the above, please talk with your faculty sponsor or contact me. I hope that you find your time as a Visiting Scholar at the University to be rewarding and productive.



Acknowledgement and Acceptance:

I accept your invitation for appointment as a Visiting Scholar at the University of Washington and agree to adhere to all of the rules and regulations of the University and the laws of the state of Washington, as they currently exist or as they may be amended from time to time. I specifically acknowledge and accept my responsibilities with regard to Intellectual Property, as defined above.

Signed _______________________________