The University of Washington has a long tradition of hosting faculty and other academic personnel from around the world. These individuals are collectively referred to as “international scholars.” They engage in a variety of teaching and research activities but are not enrolled at the UW, nor are they enrolled students overseas. International scholars hold a UW appointment and generally require a temporary, non-immigrant visa to enter the U.S.

By facilitating and monitoring immigration compliance within a complex and ever-changing regulatory environment, and by providing timely and accurate guidance, International Scholars Operations (ISO) enables the University of Washington to recruit and retain international scholars in support of the institution’s teaching and research mission.

The menu items listed on the right side of this page provide comprehensive information on visa sponsorship procedures and relevant nonimmigrant categories. For questions about visas, including relevant academic appointments, contact acadvisa@uw.edu.

Campus departments that sponsor international scholars for visas undertake several obligations. These include:

  • assigning the international scholar a UW appointment title that is appropriate for the intended activity,
  • documenting that the scholar is fully qualified to participate in the proposed activity,
  • completing visa sponsorship paperwork (UW J and UW H Visa Request Forms),
  • advising the scholar, before and after arrival in Seattle, of the services and facilities (e.g., housing, insurance, office or lab space) available, and
  • emailing acadvisa@uw.edu in advance of changes in the scholar’s start or end date, financial support, appointment title, percent of FTE, worksite location and the like.

If you are an international scholar who is currently, or will soon be at the University of Washington, go to the Reference Guides for International Scholars page for further visa information.

If you are a student at a foreign university who hopes to perform an internship at the University, see the VISIT Program website. If you are a potential, new, or continuing international student at the University of Washington, please see the International Student Services website.

News and Announcements

Change in Visa Administrative Fees

Effective July 1, 2020, the fee required to cover the administrative costs to process visa requests for H-1B and J-1 visas has increased from $260 to $300; the fee for amendments and corrections to J-1s has increased from $55 to $65; and the hourly visa case management fee for O-1s and EB-1Bs has increased from $65 to $75. Visa requests that are conditionally approved by Academic Human Resources on or after July 1, 2019, will be charged the new rate. The increase will appear on invoices issued on July 2nd and after, which reflect conditional approvals issued in July. July 1 invoices will bill at the old rate as they reflect approvals that occurred in June.

Please note that all fees associated with H-1B, E-3, and TN petitions, including the $300 administrative fee, are paid by the host department and cannot be passed on to the foreign beneficiary. Reimbursement of the $300 administrative fee may be requested from J-1 exchange visitors.

Travel Advisories and Presidential Executive Orders

International Scholars Operations is closely following developments surrounding the Executive Orders and Proclamations issued by the President and the impact they may have on our international community at the UW. We are advising anyone who was born in or holds citizenship from one of the currently affected countries (Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen) to check with the ISO Office (acadvisa@uw.edu) before traveling internationally. In addition, scholars from countries previously affected (Iraq and Sudan) may also want to check with our office before international travel.  More detailed information is available on our Travel Advisories page, which will continue to be updated as the situation develops.  In addition, please check the Office of Global Affairs website for other important information related to international travel for US Citizens and others.  ISO and the University of Washington remain committed to providing a safe, secure and  welcoming environment that protects the privacy and human rights of our community, including  all of our international scholars.

Phone Scam Alert

Several scholars have reported receiving fraudulent phone calls from people purporting to be government agents (USCIS, IRS, etc. etc.) asking for money. Please advise your scholars that U.S. government agencies will never call them directly to ask for money or personal information. Such calls should be ignored or reported to authorities. For more information on common immigration scams and how to report, please see http://www.uscis.gov/avoid-scams/common-scams and http://www.irs.gov/uac/Newsroom/IRS-Repeats-Warning-about-Phone-Scams.

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