The University has established minimum full-time monthly rates of pay for faculty, librarians, and other academic personnel. These salary minimums apply to all titles, ranks, and tracks listed below regardless of funding source or length of appointment. Note: These salary rates are minimums. In determining an appropriate salary, there are likely to be factors which justify a unit exceeding the salary minimums.

Salary minimums listed below went into effect September 16, 2019.

Academic personnel titles not appearing on the table below are either governed by a collective bargaining agreement or are not subject to a UW monthly base salary minimum. In rare circumstances when academic personnel are approved to work on an hourly basis, state and federal salary minimums shall apply.

Titles/Ranks/Tracks* Monthly Rate
Faculty 9 month 12 month
Professors (tenured, tenure track, WOT, research, and teaching) $7,165 $6,568
Associate Professors (tenured, tenure track, WOT, research, and teaching) $6,035 $5,532
Assistant Professors (tenured, tenure track, WOT, research, and teaching) $5,546 $5,085
Senior Artists in Residence, and Professors of Practice $4,893 $4,485
Lecturers, Artists in Residence, Teaching Associates, and Instructors $4,490 $4,115
Librarians Monthly Rate
Librarians $4,166
Academic Staff Monthly Rate
Visiting Scientists $4,153**
Non-Union Extension Lecturers $3,600
Educators $3,712

* These salary minimums also apply to persons appointed as acting, affiliate, clinical, temporary, and visiting in applicable ranks and titles.

**Updated January 1, 2021 

References:  UW Faculty Code Section 24-71 A.3