There are many issues to consider prior to launching a new academic hire. General policy requirements for appointments of faculty are described in the UW Faculty Code 24. Depending on the type/title of the hire, there may be other applicable recruitment policies including but not limited to those defined in collective bargaining agreements, the UW Librarian Personnel Code, or other school/college/campus/department-level policy documents. Check with your college/school/campus for any additional requirements or processes that may apply.

Interfolio and Academic Hiring

Academic job searches are managed through Interfolio’s Faculty Search – the UW’s applicant tracking system. All competitive searches for academic personnel must be administered through this system. OAP has developed user guides for creating and managing a recruitment through Interfolio, as well as guidance on evaluating applicants through Interfolio.

Units should review applicants and conclude searches within a reasonable timeframe. This promotes an accurate, informed review and selection process that is based on up-to-date applicant materials and qualifications. With this in mind, units are expected to adhere to the following recruitment deadlines:

  • Recruitments opened between January 1 and June 30 should be closed by June 30 of the following academic year.
  • Recruitments opened between July 1 and December 31 should be closed by December 31 of the following academic year.

Academic HR audits recruitments semi-annually to ensure that all open searches are active and intentional.

If an extension to the above deadlines is required, the dean/chancellor must contact Peg Stuart, Assistant Vice Provost of Academic Personnel, by phone (5.7110) no later than 30 days prior to the deadline. The dean/chancellor should be prepared to outline the unit’s efforts to complete and close the hire, and the circumstances leading to the extension request.

To see the dates for the current academic year, visit the OAP Due Dates Calendar.

Interfolio Searches and the Hiring Plan

The recruitment guidance outlined above is separate and distinct from UW’s hiring plan processes, policies, and expectations. Schools/colleges/campuses should continue to follow the existing hiring plan protocol. Any recruitment timelines that cross hiring plan years are still subject to hiring plan deadlines and carry-forward requirements.

Who to Contact with Questions

Contact your academic HR specialist or with  job search questions and with University of Washington specific Interfolio FS questions. Hiring plan questions should be directed to

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