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About us

The Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Personnel is a coalition of strategic partners focused on serving the University of Washington’s current and prospective faculty, librarians, residents, fellows, postdoctoral scholars, and academic staff.

We believe collaboration is key to excellence.

By championing the unique passions and common goals of UW faculty and all academic personnel, we support a community of leaders who dare to be boundless.

Vision and values

To provide exceptional service, structures, and resources enabling professional excellence for UW faculty and all academic personnel who serve the public good through education and discovery.

We value:
Collaboration: Establishing and drawing upon productive working relationships within and beyond our organization.
Excellence: Striving for continuous improvement in the service and products we deliver to UW’s academic personnel and those that support them.
Innovation: Transforming novel ideas into practical solutions.
Diversity: Creating a safe, inclusive environment where we recognize, value, and work toward understanding difference.
Respect: Promoting a work environment that values listening, encouragement, and trust.
Service: Orienting our work to focus on delivering value to UW’s academic personnel, those that support them , and the broader UW community.
Integrity: Holding ourselves accountable for our words and actions; endeavoring to make decisions through careful reflection and analysis; and treating each other and those we serve honestly and equitably.


Serve the University of Washington and its diverse, world-class academics and faculty from recruitment onward.

Strategic thinking

OAP strategic planning and activities build upon a foundation set by our organizational mission, vision, and values. Our 5-year strategic plan (2023-2028) has three priority goals:

  1. Develop academic personnel, faculty leaders, and OAP.
  2. Partner with tri-campus leadership, academic units, other central business units, and individuals.
  3. Clarify UW and OAP policies, rules, guidelines, resources, processes, practices, and systems.

Organizational chart

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