The Office of Academic Personnel (OAP) serves as the institutional portal for academic personnel administration. The OAP team brings an institutional perspective to the oversight and guidance it provides to academic personnel administration.


The primary mission of the Office of Academic Personnel (OAP) is to support the appointment and retention of the best faculty, librarians, and other academic personnel for a global university. We promote equitable treatment while ensuring compliance University-wide with internal and external laws, policies, and regulations. We consult, advise, and solve problems regarding appointments, policies, and employee relations issues. Communication with our partners is key to our success. Our focus on career advancement, compliance, and risk mitigation help to ensure the success, reputation, and competitiveness of the University. We do this in support of the mission and goals of the University with a focus on promoting and advancing our faculty, librarians and other academic personnel.

Vision and Values

We strive to be recognized and respected as a provider of superior services and an expert institutional resource in support of a high quality work and learning environment.

We value:
Excellence: Striving for continuous improvement in the service and products we deliver to UW’s academic personnel and those that support them.
Collaboration: Establishing and drawing upon productive working relationships within and beyond our organization.
Innovation: Transforming novel ideas into practical solutions.
Diversity: Creating a safe, inclusive environment where we recognize, value, and work toward understanding difference.
Respect: Promoting a work environment that values listening, encouragement, and trust.
Service: Orienting our work to focus on delivering value to UW’s academic personnel, those that support them , and the broader UW community.
Integrity: Holding ourselves accountable for our words and actions; endeavoring to make decisions through careful reflection and analysis; and treating each other and those we serve honestly and equitably.

Strategic Thinking

OAP strategic planning and activities build upon a foundation set by our organizational mission, vision, and values. Our current 3-year strategic plan (2019-2022) focuses on improving the accuracy, reliability, and usability of academic personnel data and information with an eye toward eliminating unnecessary complexity; developing sustainable practices and processes; and empowering OAP teams and those we serve to be more productive and efficient.

Organizational Chart