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Academic Titles and Ranks

UW is now using Workday. Workday impacts business processes and vocabulary at UW. Some of our pages have been updated to reflect these impacts. For Workday information, visit the Integrated Service Center (ISC) website. For general information about Workday’s impact on Academic Human Resources, visit Academic HR and Workday.

Professorial Faculty

Professors with Tenure

Tenure Track Professors

Professors without Tenure

Research Professors

APL Faculty

ROTC Faculty


Artists in Residence

Professors of Practice

Research Associates

Senior Fellows

Teaching Associates

Acting Appointments

Visiting Appointments

Clinical Appointments

Clinical, non-salaried

Clinical, salaried

Clinical, Dental Pathway

Affiliate Appointments

Adjunct Appointments


Librarian Appointments

Emeritus Appointments

Non-Research Professors Emeritus (Professor and Professor WOT)

Research Professor Emeritus

Lecturer Emeritus Appointments

Clinical Emeritus Appointments

Administrative Emeritus Appointments

Retiree Appointments

Administrative Appointments





Other Administrative Appointments

Academic Directors

College Administration