Faculty are obligated to give written notice of leaving the UW through resignation at the earliest opportunity. Normally faculty should give resignation notice at least 3 months before the resignation date, or within 15 days of reappointment notification, whichever occurs later. Resignations are ordinarily effective at the end of an academic year.

Faculty who resign but are offered and accept an affiliate or clinical courtesy academic appointment must still follow these resignation procedures.
The resignation letter should include:

  • Reason for leaving
  • Official resignation date
  • If new place of employment:
    • Name of new employer
    • What title will be held
    • Location


Librarians may voluntarily resign by submitting written notice to their immediate supervisor addressed to the Dean of University Libraries. There is a professional obligation to give a minimum of one month’s notice before resignation date.

Include the following in the resignation letter:

  • The date of separation for payroll purposes and, if different, the last actual working day

Other Academic Personnel

Academic staff and postdoctoral scholars should give written notice of resignation at the earliest opportunity. If applicable, refer to your collective bargaining agreement for specific requirements.

Note: There are additional procedures for international scholars leaving the UW. Visit the International Scholars Operations Team’s Leaving the UW page for more details.

Retiring from the UW

Academic personnel employees must submit a retirement application to the Benefits Office no later than 60 days from the qualifying event to be considered for active service retirement. After confirming your retirement eligibility with the Benefits Office, provide a letter to the dean/chancellor including the following information:

  • Intent to retire
  • Effective date of retirement
  • Request to be nominated for emeritus status (optional)

For retirement details, visit the UW HR Retirement Plan web page.

Requirements for Emeritus Status

Faculty members may be eligible for emeritus status, an honorary designation used to recognize service to the University, upon retirement. The OAP Titles and Ranks pages outline emeritus eligibility.