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Voluntary Separations

When an academic unit receives a resignation or retirement notice from a faculty member or librarian, either written or verbal, the chair or director should acknowledge and accept the resignation or retirement in writing within 15 days of receipt. (UW Faculty Code Section 24-56 B and UW Librarian Personnel Code Chapter IV Section E.1)

This written acknowledgement serves to formalize the resignation or retirement, ensure all parties are aware of and in agreement with the resignation or retirement date, and provide a basis for initiating the termination process in Workday.

The resignation/retirement letter and chair/director written acceptance should be uploaded as one PDF during the Workday termination process. All academic appointments must also be ended as part of the Workday termination process.

If the academic personnel employee is working on a UW-sponsored visa, a copy of the resignation or retirement notice and acceptance should also be sent to the International Scholars Operations team.

Faculty Who Resign and Remain Affiliate/Clinical Faculty-Non Salaried

Faculty who resign but are invited to remain as an affiliate or a non-salaried clinical faculty member must follow the resignation procedures outlined here.

The unit shall follow the Hire-Academic Personnel and Add Academic Appointment processes outlined in the linked user guides. See the Clinical Titles (Annual) and Affiliate Titles pages for details. For details about benefits implications, review the applicable PDF on the UWHR Benefits Summary page.

Denial of Reappointment

For information on steps to take when a faculty member is denied reappointment, visit the Reappointments page. For guidance on entering denials of reappointment for faculty in clock-managed ranks, visit Employee Workday Help’s  Maintain Promotion Clock page. Denial of reappointment details for librarians are outlined in the Librarian Personnel Code Chapter II Section A.

Denial of Promotion and/or Tenure

For details about denial of promotion and/or tenure, visit the Possible Outcomes of Promotion and/Tenure page.

Involuntary Separations

UW Faculty Code Section 25-71 outlines the process for removing a faculty member for cause. The Librarian Personnel Code Chapter IV Section E.3 provides guidance for involuntary terminations.

Ending Secondary Appointments

Visit the Ending Secondary Appointments page for more information on this process.


For more guidance about academic personnel who are retiring from the UW, visit the Retiree and Emeritus page. For academic personnel seeking information about leaving the UW and/or working after retirement, they are invited to visit the OAP Leaving the UW page.

International Scholars Leaving the UW

For requirements and additional guidance related to international scholars leaving the UW,  visit the Visa section of the site.

Titles with Unique Separation Guidelines

The following titles have unique Separation guidelines. For specific details, see the key considerations on the relevant titles and ranks pages.