2022-23 Reappointment Instructions

Note: Information on this page is relevant to quarterly, annual, and multiyear academic appointments that are not subject to a mandatory review for promotion and tenure (Clock-managed).  Clock-managed academic appointments subject to a mandatory review have a different reappointment process outlined on the  Clock-Managed Ranks page.


Academic personnel appointed on a quarterly, annual, or multiyear basis have a fixed appointment length with an established end date. To continue in the academic appointment beyond the end date, the individual must be evaluated and approved for reappointment. A positive reappointment decision results in an extension of the end date. Reappointment decisions do not result in a change of academic title or rank.

Faculty reappointment decisions are voted on by eligible voting members in the faculty member’s appointing unit. Final reappointment decisions are determined by the dean/chancellor.

Generally, annual and multiyear faculty appointments are processed centrally by Academic HR (AHR) and the Integrated Service Center (ISC), and non-faculty academic personnel and quarterly-appointed faculty are processed locally by the units.

Reappointments Processed Centrally

For AHR and the ISC to process reappointment decisions, units must complete and submit a Winter spreadsheet by January and a Spring spreadsheet by March. For step-by-step guidance, visit the instructions page linked above.

Annual and Multiyear Faculty Reappointment Policies

Title Report Reappointment Term  Notification Deadline
Research professor
Research associate professor
Assistant teaching professor
Lecturer part-time
Lecturer full-time temporary
Professor of practice
Senior artist in residence
Artist in residence (full time)
Winter 1-5 years Units must notify appointees of reappointment decisions by:
Dec 15: 9-month service period
Dec 31: 12-month service period
Exception: Those in their first annual appointment have a shorter notification period:
Mar 15: 9-month service period
Mar 31: 12-month service period
Associate teaching professor Winter 1-7 years
Teaching professor Winter 1-10 years
Multiyear clinical appointments Winter 2-5 years Units must notify appointees of reappointment decisions by Dec 31
Teaching associate
Acting appointments
Adjunct appointments
Clinical faculty appointments* Affiliate faculty appointments*
Visiting faculty appointments
Lecturer full-time temporary
Spring 1 year Timely manner as determined at the local level

*For clinical non-salaried and affiliate appointments in paid status at the end of the spring quarter, only academic appointment information will be updated centrally; position information needs to be updated manually at the local level.

Reappointments Processed Locally

Reappointment decisions for the titles below are processed in Workday at the local level and routed to AHR and/or ISC for approval. Accompanying documents to be uploaded in Workday are listed below.

Workday Process Steps and Documentation

Postdoctoral scholars

Record the reappointment recommendation, positive or negative
Upload the following required documents to Workday



  • Current curriculum vitae
  • Proof of degree conferral if doctoral degree acquired within 1 year prior to reappointment start date

Quarterly appointments

  • Record the reappointment recommendation, positive or negative
  • Upload a single PDF including
    • Correspondence from the chair/director/campus dean to the faculty member indicating the reappointment decision including:
      • Faculty member’s name
      • Title
      • Reappointment term
    • Correspondence to the dean/chancellor with faculty vote counts or a statement of delegated authority for chair/director/campus dean to reappoint

Residents, fellows, visiting scientist, and visiting scholar

  • Record the reappointment recommendation, positive or negative

Reappointment fall outs from the centrally-managed process

  • Fallout lists and instructions will be sent to units following the centrally-managed upload

Quarterly-Appointed Faculty and Non-Faculty Academic Personnel Policies

Title Reappointment Term  Notification Deadline
Postdoctoral scholars* Varies by title; see Academic Titles and Ranks pages for details As soon as practicable but no less than 30 calendar days prior to the reappointment start date
Lecturers part-time temporary Annual Timely manner as determined at the local level
Quarterly appointments
(senior artist in residence, artist in residence, teaching associate, and lecturer part-time temporary)
Quarterly Timely manner as determined at the local level
Residents and fellows* Varies by title; see Academic Titles and Ranks pages for details Determined at the local level
Visiting scientists and visiting scholars* Varies by title; see Academic Titles and Ranks pages for details Determined at the local level
Librarians See Librarian Personnel Code See Librarian Personnel Code

*Reappointment doesn’t need to align with academic calendar

Reappointments with Appointment Changes

Unit leader must obtain and retain written acknowledgement of the reappointment from the appointee if the reappointment, whether centrally or locally managed, includes any of the following:

  • Change in duration of appointment period (e.g., 3-year appointment and a 1-year reappointment)
  • Change of supervisor
  • Change in general duties/responsibilities
  • Change in FTE


Policy Considerations

  • A notification of reappointment represents a commitment which must be honored and may not be rescinded except as provided for by policy
  • If there are changes within a department that necessitate a reappointment decision change, academic personnel who were not reappointed are eligible to later be reappointed within the same academic year as long as it occurs prior to appointee’s established end date


  • The notification deadlines listed in the tables above apply regardless of whether the decision is to reappoint or not reappoint
  • When a decision is made not to reappoint an individual, the unit administrator must process a termination and end the academic appointment in Workday
  • If a faculty member requests a written explanation for the appointment not being renewed, the dean/chancellor must send one within 30 days (Faculty Code 24-53 D)