Academic Personnel

Posting Jobs

Before writing a job advertisement, an academic unit should clarify its hiring needs for that job in order to attract the most qualified applicants and successfully hire the best candidate. Once the scope of the job is defined, the advertisement should be written in accordance with the procedures, guidelines and publishing requirements as outlined in the Academic Personnel Advertisement Guide.

After the advertisement has been written, the unit will upload it to the Academic Personnel Advertisement Template. Once all information is entered into the template, it is submitted to Academic Human Resources (AHR) for review and approval. AHR and International Scholars Operations (ISO) will collaborate in a review process to ensure that advertisements adhere to University of Washington and federal employment standards and requirements. Check specific college or school or campus requirements as to whether ads must also be reviewed by the dean’s or chancellor’s office before publication.

Jobs should be advertised by whatever means are appropriate to ensure the recruitment of a diverse and qualified applicant pool. Jobs that may be sponsored for permanent residence must have an ad placed  in a national professional print journal and/or online through The Chronicle of Higher Education. Electronic postings outside of The Chronicle of Higher Education are excellent supplements, but will not be considered as a substitute for the DOL required ads in national print journals.

Advertisements should be published for a minimum of thirty (30) days between the first appearance of the ad and the closing date. Exceptions to this expectation should be reviewed by AHR.

Ads will remain active on the website until the unit notifies AHR that the position is filled.  Ads that have been active for one year will be removed from the website. Units may request that ads remain active for up to one additional year if the recruitment is still active and if the unfilled position is in the approved hiring plan.