Note: This calendar only reflects due dates for the Office of Academic Personnel. Schools/colleges/campuses and individual departments may have additional timelines related to the content below.

Link to Board of Regents (BoR) Calendar

The 2023 Board of Regents-related due dates will be added to the Due Dates Calendar once the new B0R calendar is published.

OAP Due Dates

Date Details
Jun 15 2023

Sabbaticals with a June 15 end date need to be returned to work in Workday

Jun 15 2023

All academic review decisions for 9-month faculty due in Workday

Jun 16 2023

Sabbaticals with a June 16 start date need to be entered into Workday prior to the end of the pay period

Jun 16 2023

All academic review decisions for 12-month faculty due in Workday (NOTE: revised for FY23 due to FT cutover)

Jun 30 2023

Deadline to complete and close recruitments opened between January 1 and June 30, 2022 (don’t forget to assign a disposition code to all applicants)

Jun 30 2023

Prepare for 2023-24 promotion and/or tenure reviews by running R0722: Academic Promotion/Tenure Data Issues

Missing data must be entered before the promotion & tenure packet is submitted to OAP

Jul 1 2023

Prepare for the end of the academic quarter by running relevant Workday data audit reports