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Faculty: Promotion and Tenure

Promotion and Tenure General Procedures

The promotion and tenure process for faculty is prescribed in the Faculty Code Section 24-54. Schematics that show the linear progression of the process have been created for both departmentalized and undepartmentalized units. This overview of the promotion review process is intended to supplement the requirements found in the Faculty Code Section 24-54 and Executive Order No. V.  If there is a conflict between this guidance and either the Faculty Code or Executive Order No. V, the provisions of the Faculty Code or Executive Order govern.


There are three key steps in the promotion process:

  1. Assembly of the promotion/tenure record
  2. Recommendations and the candidate’s opportunity for response
  3. Possible outcomes of the promotion/tenure review

Mandatory Reviews

All mandatory reviews must be forwarded to the provost, regardless of the recommendation, for final determination. Mandatory reviews include Assistant Professors (tenure-eligible, WOT, research, clinical-dental pathway, APL), Associate Professor Tenure Track, and Professor Tenure Track in the mandatory year of review.

Mandatory promotion reviews are due to Academic Human Resources no later than December 15th. Schools/colleges/campuses are urged to begin appropriate review activities and collection of documentation during Spring Quarter of the year prior to mandatory review. Candidates should check with their chair/director/campus dean/dean about local level deadlines.

Non-Mandatory Reviews

Non-mandatory reviews include promotions to the Associate Professor level prior to the mandatory review year; recommendations for an award of tenure only to an individual appointed in the WOT track; Associate Professor Tenure Track or Professor Tenure Track prior to the mandatory review year; promotions to the Professor level, and promotions to the Senior Lecturer and Principal Lecturer titles. Provost action is not required on unfavorable non-mandatory reviews. However, any non-mandatory recommendation to deny a promotion/award of tenure to which the candidate submits a written response to the dean/chancellor will be transmitted from the dean/chancellor to the provost for informational purposes.

Non-mandatory promotion reviews are due to Academic Human Resources no later than February 1st. Clinical (salaried and courtesy) and affiliate promotions are also non-mandatory reviews and are due to Academic Human Resources no later than March 1st. Exceptions to these deadlines require pre-approval, and will be rarely granted.

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