The Office of Academic Personnel (OAP) and UW Human Resources (UWHR) are collaborating on a pilot program to extend H-1B and other visa sponsorship to staff positions. This program will start on July 1, 2023. For more information, click here.

The resources included here are for unit administrators who are preparing and submitting visa requests for academic personnel. Resources for International Scholars are located here.

Visa Intake Forms

Units can use the Visa Intake Forms linked below to collect relevant biographic, funding, and appointment information from scholars and unit contacts. Do not submit the Visa Intake Forms to ISO; they are for internal use only.


Visa Request Forms

To request UW visa sponsorship for an international scholar, units must submit an online visa request to ISO. Only an authorized staff member in the sponsoring academic unit may prepare and submit a visa request. A UWNetID is required.

Landing page
J-1 Visa Request
H-1B Visa Request (Also used for E-3 and TN)
J-1 Amendment
Add J-2 Dependent

Visa Fees Page

To learn more about fees related to visa sponsorship, visit the Visa Fees page.

How to Sponsor and Extend Visas Pages

These pages provide step-by-step guidance for UW visa sponsorship processes, including initial requests and extensions.

How to Sponsor J-1
How to Sponsor H-1B
How to Sponsor TN
How to Sponsor E-3
How to Sponsor Permanent Residence

Process Handouts

These one-page handouts provide a quick reference guide for sponsorship processes; for more detail on these processes, refer to the How to Sponsor pages above.
Legal Permanent Residence

Recruiting for Positions Eligible for Permanent Residence Sponsorship

Recruitments for positions that are eligible for permanent residence sponsorship require additional steps and considerations. Unit administrators should carefully review the details on the Recruiting for Permanent Residence Eligible Positions page before planning a recruitment into one of these titles.

Related Visa Trainings

The ISO team provides various visa-related trainings for unit administrators each year. To add your name to the training list, email To access past trainings, visit the OAP Training and Administrators Forum Archive.