Create a Position User Guide

Internal Notes

The Internal Notes section is an FS feature that is used in different ways by different institutions. This section will never be seen by applicants, but is visible to anyone on the search with Evaluator, Committee Manager, or Administrator FS roles, as well as anyone on the approval chain.Internal Notes screenshot

UW uses this section to collect important information about your search goals. Although many fields in the section are optional, UW requires the following fields be completed as articulated below and illustrated on the graphic:

Position ID or Requisition Number
If your position is part of an approved hiring plan, you must enter the UW hiring plan number in this field. The Office of Academic Personnel will look to this field before approving the search.

Hiring Plan Section
In this section, units must provide a list of outlets (e.g., journals, listservs, job boards) where you will post your job advertisement. You are welcome to post in additional outlets beyond what you list here, but you will be expected to post in any outlets listed in this section.

General Notes
In this section, units must:

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