Academic Personnel

Advertisement FAQs

How do I know my faculty advertisement is in compliance?

  • AHR reviews all advertisements for compliance with University policy requirements, U.S. Department of Labor requirements, as well as equal opportunity and affirmative action federal laws.

Where can I find help in writing an appropriate faculty advertisement?

What can I do to ensure the advertisement meets EOAA rules and federal requirements?

How do I begin the review and approval process?

  • Go to the AHR Advertisement Template.
  • Fill in the information requested.
  • Paste the text of your advertisement into the appropriate field.

How can I get a faculty advertisement posted to the University of Washington web page?

  • AHR maintains the faculty jobs web page.
  • Ads are automatically posted after going through the required review process.

How do I get my posted advertisement removed or changed on the faculty advertisements web page?

  • Indicate on the packet cover sheet of a new hire packet whether you would like the ad for the job to be removed, or whether you would like it to remain on the website.
  • If you would like your ad removed or changed at any time prior to submitting the new hire packet to AHR, reply to the approval email containing the advertisement number.

How do I track applicant data information and how do I submit my faculty applicant flow report?

  • Once your advertisement is reviewed and approved, AHR will email you an Advertisement Approval Notice. Save this approval for future reference during and at the close of your search.
  • This Ad Approval Notice contains important information concerning your advertisement posting and search. It includes the unique link to the affirmative action information request and the faculty applicant flow.

How long with the advertisement remain active?

  • Ads will remain active on the AHR website for one year.
  • Units may request to keep an ad active for up to two years if there are candidates being considered, and if the job is included in the most recent approved hiring plan.