Excess Compensation

Payment Guidelines

Excess compensation is designed to pay faculty for services provided outside normal duties. Typically it is for service performed on a one-time-only basis such as a lecture or workshop.

  • Excess compensation payments cannot exceed 25 percent of the total full-time rate per month. Faculty/professional staff may earn up to a total of 125 percent per month. Paying units should establish authorization with the faculty/professional staff member’s home department prior to engaging in service.
  • Excess compensation cannot be paid for teaching a regularly scheduled class available for academic credit.
  • Faculty are not eligible to receive excess compensation for direct service on a research grant or from research grant funds.
  • Excess compensation should be paid within 90 days of completion of service.
  • Retired faculty must hold an active (either Emeritus or Retiree) appointment to receive excess compensation. Excess compensation is calculated into the total 40-percent annual maximum earnings for all retired faculty members.
  • Excess compensation may be paid to 9-month faculty during summer if the total distribution of appointments equals 100 percent.
  • Faculty are not eligible to receive excess compensation while on paid sick leave (earn type S/L) or paid professional leave (earn type PLP).
  • Excess compensation may not be paid to classified staff or professional staff level I.

Necessary Approvals

Approvals are required in three areas before submitting online:

  • Paying unit approves
  • Home unit approves
  • Home unit dean/chancellor approves

These approvals will be in the form of emails which will be pasted into payroll. If this note is not included indicating approvals by all parties the excess compensation may be cancelled by AHR.

The request for approval must include a description of the services provided, dates of service, budget number, and total amount to be paid.

Entering the Right Information into Payroll

The Excess Compensation worksheet is a tool to use to determine what to enter into the payroll system to process the payment. This worksheet is available on each employee’s record in OPUS.

The excess compensation worksheet cannot be used to determine payment for clinical/affiliate (C/A), or paid direct (PDR) faculty when there is no full-time monthly pay rate in payroll. Excess compensation for these categories will be reflected as a lump sum payment. No percent of FTE is submitted and the total amount to be paid is entered into the distribution amount.

For payment of retroactive excess compensation, first determine the correct distribution information and enter into payroll. Follow up with a request for payment by sending an email with the distribution information to payme@u.washington.edu.

Faculty who have a full-time monthly rate of pay and receive REG or SUM earnings should be processed with E/C to pay excess compensation.

Clinical and Affiliate faculty who reflect C/A earn type, or faculty who are PDR (paid direct) should be processed with ECH to pay excess compensation.

Excess compensation to emeritus faculty should be processed using the earn type TEC.


It is expected that the working time of University faculty is to be devoted to the duties which may be assigned them by the University. Every effort shall be made to schedule all University-related faculty work as a part of normal duties. Excess compensation to University faculty for work not represented by regular salary may be paid only under exceptional circumstances, and must be approved in advance by the dean/chancellor. In no case shall such additional compensation exceed 25 percent of a faculty member’s regular monthly salary in any month. This limitation shall apply to compensation for all University services, except that excess pay for direct services on research grants or contracts is not permissible.

BR, March 1953; Executive Order No. 59 of the President, October 1, 1982

Additional Information

Please contact the Payroll Office at (206) 543-9202 or email pronline@uw.edu for appropriate procedures to pay exception time for classified staff.

Please contact the Office of Compensation and Professional Staff Programs at (206) 543-9404 for more information on paying exception time to professional staff level I and excess compensation to professional staff levels II and III.