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Reappointment Tips

Answers to Common Reappointment Questions

When running the R0555 report, what should I select for an appointment extending beyond 6/15/20 but will end prior to the end of the next academic year?
Select “Reappoint” for any appointment extending beyond their current 6/15/20 or 6/30/20 end date. Any separations will be processed when they occur.

When running R0555, what should I select if there is an anticipated promotion?
Select “Reappoint” if a promotion is expected/pending. Promotions will be processed when they occur.

What steps should I take if the decision is not to reappoint?
If a decision of “Non-Reappoint” is made, unit administrators must process “Termination”, and “End Academic Appointment”actions in Workday for those academic personnel.

Important Reminders

  • Do not use an alternate spreadsheet for this process. The spreadsheet downloaded from Workday is uniquely formatted for our system processes.
  • Do not add any additional information to the spreadsheet. Please only submit decisions and reappointment terms.
  • Do not manually enter a reappointment action in Workday for an appointment or position that has been included on the spreadsheet.
  • Do not add additional personnel to the spreadsheet. If there are people who require reappointment decisions who are not on the spreadsheet, contact Academic HR.
  • When sending completed spreadsheets to AHR, please send only ONE “December” spreadsheet and ONE “Spring” spreadsheet from your school/college/campus dean’s office which includes the decisions for all departments.
  • Reappointment actions for titles not tied to the academic calendar or are quarterly appointed should be entered manually in Workday by unit administrators. See the Reappointments page for steps as well as a list of manual reappointment titles.
  • If an academic personnel employee has academic appointments in another unit, coordinate with those units to ensure correct configuration of the Workday record.
  • If an academic personnel employee has a position in your unit, but will have an active appointment in another unit, they will need to be moved into a position in the other unit. The appointment identifier on the remaining appointment may need to be updated