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September 7, 2020

New Improved Web Content Related to Academic Titles and Ranks

As part of the OAP 2019-22 strategic plan, a dedicated team has been working for the past 18 months to review, validate, and update titles and ranks content on our website. This goal directly addresses our primary strategic challenge to improve data/information accuracy, reliability, and usability. Many of our campus partners use the Titles and…

August 21, 2020

Preparing for 2020-21 Promotion and Tenure (P&T) Cycle

Step 1 – Mandatory P&T: Academic HR (AHR) provided dean/chancellors’ offices with a list of academic personnel for whom, according to Workday, a mandatory promotion/award of tenure decision must be reached during the 2020-21 academic year. Dean/chancellors’ offices must review this list for accuracy and note any discrepancies with their own records. If there are…

August 11, 2020

University of Washington to Implement a New Professorial Teaching Track

Professorial Teaching Track Overview In Spring 2020, UW’s voting-eligible faculty approved legislation proposing the establishment of a professorial track focusing primarily on teaching. The Faculty Senate then approved companion legislation that described how the new track should be implemented. The information that follows describes key components of the legislation. Timeline The new professorial teaching track…

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