Faculty members may request to reduce the percentage of their appointment on a permanent basis to no lower than 50%. Decisions about a reduced teaching load and other assignments are determined at the unit level. Faculty members remain voting members of their units while they are on reduced appointments in the quarters in which they are salaried.

There are a number of legitimate reasons a faculty member may choose to reduce his or her appointment. By retaining 50% percent or more of an appointment for at least six consecutive months during an academic year, the faculty member retains the University contribution toward benefit programs during the employment months. A faculty member who retains his or her appointment at 50% or more for six consecutive months would be eligible to receive the University’s contribution toward medical payments for those six months, and only need go on self-pay for the six months he or she is not on payroll. Alternatively, if a faculty member reduces his or her appointment to 50% for three or four quarters (depending on if their appointment is on a 9- or 12-month basis), the state contribution to benefits would continue throughout the calendar year.¬†Faculty members who are not retired, but who have reduced their appointments, are not eligible to begin UWRP distributions.

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