Emeritus / Retiree Appointments

Mandatory retirement for faculty was eliminated effective January 1994. Faculty are, therefore, eligible to continue their employment at the University of Washington until they voluntarily choose to leave, either fully or in some phased-out structure. There are several options available to faculty to reduce or end their active involvement with the University; though, regardless of which option is chosen, continued connection to the University through the University of Washington Retirement Association (UWRA) is encouraged and anticipated. Below are described the several options available for faculty who are considering reducing or ending their active involvement in teaching, research and service.

Retirement/Emeritus Procedures

After confirming retirement eligibility with the Benefits Office, eligible faculty who are retiring should provide a letter to the dean/chancellor stating the intention to retire and the official resignation date.

Upon retirement from the University, some faculty members are eligible to be considered for emeritus status. Pursuant to Faculty Code Section 24-34B-13, this requires an affirmative vote of the unit faculty and concurrence by the dean/chancellor and the Provost.


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