Academic Personnel

Termination List

This list is a suggested guide. Units may have their own lists that are different than this one.

Employee Responsibilities

  • Contact Information
  • Human Resources
    • Review benefits information and rates to continue medical and/or dental via COBRA, as well as accessing retirement or VIP contributions; continuing life insurance, etc.
    • Retiring employees must officially retire from the UW in order to obtain all rights and benefits.
    • The UW Retirement Association is a good resource for retiring employees.
    • If you have a child enrolled in one of the University‚Äôs on-site childcare centers, notify the center that you are separating from UW employment.
  • Communications
    • Set up an auto-reply email message to let others know you have separated, or forward your account to another employee.
    • Set up a voicemail message informing callers of your departure and provide contact information for callers to get assistance from an appropriate UW employee.
  • UW Travel Card
    • Email with your name and the last 4 digits of the account number to cancel the card. Outstanding balances must be paid in full. Turn in cancelled travel card to administrator.
  • Return/provide items to unit administrator:
    • Equipment
      • Keys (office, building, desk, and file cabinets) and building use permits.
      • UW equipment such as laptops, cell phones, pagers, software, or other tools, including any UW equipment at your residence.
    • Cards
      • Cancelled travel card
      • Husky card
      • ProCard
    • Information
      • Voicemail password.
      • Departmental computer passwords and computer access codes.
      • Location of electronic and paper files.

Administrator Responsibilities

  • Receive items listed above from the employee.
  • Email ProCard cancellation request to Destroy and dispose of the card.
  • Remove employee from electronic building access locking system database (Prox card).
  • Remove access to communications
    • UWATS account
    • Sprint cards
    • Remove/delete access to network directories and electronic calendar. For the Nebula network, email
  • If necessary, move files to shared drive or shared location.
  • Review, purge and close department personnel file. Retain as instructed in UW Records Retention Schedule.