The E-3 visa is available to citizens of Australia working in a “specialty occupation.” The decision to sponsor you for an E-3 visa is made by International Scholars Operations (ISO) team after a careful review of applicable federal laws and UW policies. The UW sponsors E-3 visas for full-time academic jobs in appropriate appointment titles.

Direct questions about visa sponsorship to

Without exception, Labor Condition Applications and visa petitions based on UW employment are processed by ISO. Only the Vice Provost for Academic Personnel has authority to sign a Labor Condition Application on behalf of the UW. Attorneys are not permitted to represent the UW’s interests in immigration matters.


If you are planning to travel within the U.S. while in E-3 status, be sure to review the general Important Documents page.

If you are planning international travel and need information on how to return to the U.S., see the Coming to the U.S. page.

Ending E-3 Employment

Because the E-3 is an “employment-based visa,” your lawful status in the U.S. ends when your paid employment ends. If your paid employment ends before your I-797 Approval Notice expires, you may be eligible for a discretionary grace period of up to 60 days. That grace period could allow you to change status or move to another employer. You should consult with a private immigration attorney for more information.

If paid employment and the I-797 Approval Notice end at the same time, check the expiration date on your I-94 card as it may indicate an additional 10-day “grace period” for departure.