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Maintaining J-1 status

For more information on basic maintenance of status, see this page.

Check-in Requirement

The first and most important task for maintaining your J-1 status is to attend a check-in session with the International Scholars Operations (ISO) team. Federal law requires that J-1 exchange visitors report in person to their program sponsor within 30 days of the start date indicated in item 3 of the DS-2019. Request a Mandatory Remote J-1 Check-In as soon as you arrive in the United States. You will be asked to provide scans or copies of your DS-2019, visa stamp, completed Insurance Compliance Statement, and I-94 record, and a local Seattle-area residence address.

Changes in J-1 Employment

Your J-1 authorizes employment as described on your DS-2019. If there is any change in your employment at UW, including changes in title, worksite, unit, or duties, work with your unit to contact ISO and, if necessary, submit a new J visa request.

Changes in Personal Information

As a J-1 exchange visitor, you must report the following changes to ISO:

J-1 Outside Work

J-1 exchange visitors may receive compensation for the employment listed at number 5 on the DS-2019. Additionally, occasional lectures or short-term consultations that involve wages or other remuneration may be authorized by ISO on a case-by-case basis. The occasional lectures or consultations must be authorized in advance and in writing. The off-campus activity must be directly related to the objectives of your program, be incidental to your primary program activities, and not delay the completion date of the program. Note that unauthorized work is a violation of your J-1 status and may result in the ending of your J-1 status and even removal from the U.S.