Clock-managed ranks are those required to go through 2 review processes: academic review and if reappointed, promotion and/or tenure review.

The following faculty ranks and track are clock-managed:

  • Assistant Professor Tenure-Track, WOT, Research, and Clinical-Dental Pathway
  • Professor Tenure Track
  • Associate Professor Tenure Track

Faculty in these ranks and tracks are appointed to an initial 3-year term, subject to earlier dismissal provided for in the UW Faculty Code (e.g. 25-51 and 24-41) , and then eligible for reappointment to a second term. If reappointed, faculty will be required to go through a mandatory promotion and/or tenure review during their second appointment term.

See the OAP Due Date Calendar for more information about timelines for these reviews.

Workday Guidance on Entering Faculty Clock-Managed Ranks

The appointment length for these titles and ranks should be set to 6 years in Workday.

For example, an assistant professor in a 9-month school is hired at 100% FTE starting September 16, 2020. The end dates for the appointment and the position should be June 15, 2026. For more details on adding academic appointments in Workday, visit the ISC Add Academic Appointment user guide.

Academic Reviews

Policy guidance about faculty appointment durations and their academic review schedules are found in the UW Faculty Code Sections 24-41A, 24-41F, 24-45, and 24-53.

For specific details about the second year review process, visit the Academic Reviews page.

Mandatory Review for Promotion and/or Tenure

The promotion and/or tenure review process is outlined in more detail in the OAP promotion and tenure pages.

A mandatory promotion and/or tenure review must occur no later than the final year of the second appointment term for faculty with the following academic titles ranks and tracks below (UW Faculty Code Section 24-45).

  • Assistant Professor
  • Assistant Professor without Tenure by Reason of Funding (WOT)
  • Research Assistant Professor
  • Assistant Professor-Clinical Dental Pathway

The duration of the second term for the above clock-managed ranks are impacted by the faculty member’s appointment percent as listed below.

  • 90%-100%: 3 years
  • 70%-89%: 4 years
  • 60%-69%: 5 years
  • 50%-59%: 6 years

Note: If there is a change in the appointment percent outside of the ranges listed above during the second term, contact the Academic HR team to discuss the potential impact on the second term duration.

A mandatory tenure review must occur in the second year of the second appointment term for faculty with the following academic ranks (UW Faculty Code Section 25-32 D).

  • Professor Tenure Track
  • Associate Professor Tenure Track

For these ranks the second appointment term is limited to 3 years and not affected by the faculty member’s appointment percent.

Note: Awards of promotion and/or tenure may be considered prior to the mandatory year when the candidate’s record warrants such consideration.


The following librarian ranks and statuses are clock-managed. The duration and conditions of these appointments are found in the UW Librarian Personnel Code Chapter II Section A.1-3 and UW SEIU 925 Libraries Collective Bargaining Agreement Chapter 17 Sections 1.(A), 1.(B) and 1.(C).3, and Chapter 18 Sections 1.(A), 1.(B) and 1.(C).3:

  • Associate Librarian – Provisional: 3 year appointment
  • Senior Assistant Librarian: Initial appointment of 3 years, eligible for reappointment for a second appointment of 3 years unless granted an appointment extension
  • Assistant Librarian: 2 year appointment

Note: The service period for librarians is July 1-June 30. Clock-managed librarians appointed after July 1 will have their mandatory clock and any time limit in the rank and track start the following July 1.