Please read the instructions linked here for information about processing 2019-2020 academic personnel reappointments. For helpful reminders and tips, read our Reappointment Tips and Reminders blog post.

Departments must submit reappointment recommendations, either positive or negative for all academic personnel (UW Faculty Code Section 24-53).

Summary of Reappointment Requirements and Approvals

Title Appointment Term Reappointment Decision Timing  according to Faculty Code Approving Authority
Any temporary appointment including senior lecturer part-time (quarterly) and lecturer part-time temporary Full- or part-time: 1 year or less No consideration needed if term of appointment was stated in appointment letter N/A
Senior lecturer
Artist in residence
Senior artist in residence
Research associate professor
Research professor
Full-time: 1-5 years Initial year: 3 months before expiration of appointment (March 15 or 31)
Second and subsequent years: 6 months before expiration of appointment (December 15 or 31)
Teaching associate
Adjunct appointments
Affiliate appointments*
Clinical appointments*
Full- or part-time: 1 year or less Timely manner Dean/chancellor
Assistant professor
Assistant professor WOT
Research assistant professor (with salary)
Initial term: 3 years  Spring quarter of 2nd year Dean/chancellor
Second term: varies Mandatory promotion and/or tenure decision required in last year of second appointment term President

* Read the reappointment instructions for details on how the process for clinical and affiliate titles has changed for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Unit Level Actions for Reappointment

  • Evaluate candidate. Criteria may include: 
    • Yearly activity reports
    • Current CV
    • Publication list
    • Evidence of teaching effectiveness (if applicable)
    • Copies of published and manuscript material or other creative work, etc.
    • Report from secondary unit if candidate holds a secondary appointment
  • Hold a faculty vote with appropriate unit faculty members. (UW Faculty Code Section 24-53)
  • Chair/director composes letter which includes
    • Unit recommendation, including appointment term
    • Faculty vote results (including: for, against, abstaining, absent, and total number of eligible voters)
    • Reasons for the faculty decision
    • Chair/director’s independent recommendation
    • Assessment of candidate’s research, teaching (if applicable), and service; or a brief analysis of the character and quality of functions performed in the unit
  • Send documents to your dean’s/chancellor’s office 
  • All reappointment recommendations, positive or negative, must be sent to dean’s/chancellor’s office for processing
  • Dean/chancellor notifies faculty member in writing of reappointment decisions. Copies of this letter should be sent to the department chair/director.

Manual Academic Personnel Reappointments

Reappointment decisions for the academic titles listed below must be entered manually in Workday by unit administrators:

  • Postdoctoral scholars
    • Appointments do not have to align with the academic calendar. Must be reappointed for at least one year and may not have more than 5 total years of postdoctoral scholar experience.
  • Residents, fellows, visiting lecturers, and visiting scientists
    • Appointments do not have to align with the academic calendar. 
  • Quarterly Appointments (Reappointment may occur on a quarterly basis)
    • Artist in residence for two quarters or less
    • Lecturer part-time for two quarters or less
    • Teaching associate for two quarters or less

Required document for manual reappointments

  • Postdoctoral scholars 
    • Offer letter with new template language (Separate PDF)
    • Postdoctoral Scholar Data Sheet (Separate PDF)
    • Current curriculum vitae
    • Proof of degree conferral if doctoral degree acquired within 1 year prior to appointment start date: must include a copy of the degree certificate; an official transcript bearing the official seal of the institution; or a formal statement from the university’s registrar or graduate school with an official seal or notary stamp.
  • Residents and fellows
    • No supporting documentation needed
  • All other titles requiring manual entry
        • Single PDF including
          •  Correspondence from the chair/director to the faculty member indicating the reappointment decision including faculty member’s name, title, and term of the appointment
          • Reappointment acceptance from faculty member

          Note: By uploading this PDF in Workday, the unit confirms they have followed all requirements outlined in the Faculty Code.


Appointments of One Year or Less

When a full-time temporary appointment is made for one year or less and the end date has been stated explicitly in the offer letter, no reappointment consideration by unit is necessary.

Full-Time, One-Year Appointments

The chair/director should confirm the appointment terms in a memo to their dean’s/chancellor’s office so the faculty member can be notified. A faculty vote or additional documentation is not required in the letter to the dean/chancellor.