Visa Request Requirements

  • Sponsoring departments will be assessed an administrative processing fee of $300. Other fees may also be assessed depending upon the visa request (see the ‘How to Sponsor’ guides below for details).
  • Only an authorized staff member in the UW department or program sponsoring the international scholar may prepare a visa request. A UWNetID is required.
  • The UW Departmental Contact, as entered in Section Five of the Visa Request Forms, will be used as the primary point of contact on matters pertaining to the visa request.
  • Before beginning, review the entire online Visa Request Form (available below), to ensure you have all necessary information.
  • Enter all information on the Visa Request Form in one session. There is no “save” feature.

Visa Request Process

To facilitate your collection and verification of relevant biographic, funding, and appointment information, you may wish to use one of these Visa Intake Forms. These fillable Forms will open in Microsoft Word and can be saved and emailed. Do not submit the Visa Intake Forms, they are for your internal use only.

J-1 Visa Intake Form

H-1B/E3/TN Visa Intake Form

  1. You will need to determine the visa type (see Visa Options for UW Academic Personnel), as well as the appointment title (see Academic Personnel Job Class Codes). Contact with questions regarding visa or appointment details.
  2. Review the relevant guides below as sponsorship procedures change frequently:
    How to Sponsor a J-1 Exchange Visitor
    How to Sponsor an H-1B Temporary Worker
    How to Sponsor an E-3 Australian Professional
    How to Sponsor a TN Canadian or Mexican Professional
  3. You may also wish to review our J-1 and H-1B process handouts to understand the timelines involved:
    J Process Handout
    H Process Handout
  4. Once you have confirmed the visa- and appointment-related information and read all relevant instructions, complete the appropriate Visa Request Form at the bottom of the page and click  “Submit.” You will not be able to “save” this Form; it must be submitted in a single session.
  5. When the Visa Request Form has been successfully submitted, you will immediately receive a “Visa Request Tracking Number.”  Use this Tracking Number when inquiring on the status of the visa request.
  6. The UW departmental contact will receive an approval notice with PDF attachment or a request for information from generally within one week. Note: Once the PDF has been sent, the visa request may not be altered without our prior approval. Please contact with questions.
  7. Print the PDF, attach all required documentation, and route it to your Dean and/or Chair for signatures.
  8. Forward all documentation, including the signed PDF, to International Scholars Operations (ISO). You will receive an email notification from upon its receipt.

Visa Request Forms

Select the Visa Request Form that corresponds to the requested visa type:

UW J Visa Request Form

UW H (also for E-3 and TN) Visa Request Form