A J-1 Exchange Visitor may transfer from one program sponsor to another if the purpose of the transfer is to complete the academic objective for which he or she was admitted. The transfer process requires coordination between the Responsible Officer of the current J-1 program, and the Responsible Officer of the new J-1 program. The Responsible Officer is the administrator of an institution’s exchange visitor program, and is typically a staff member in a university international services office.

When executing a transfer to the University of Washington, the sponsoring unit must:

The Exchange Visitor must:

  • Inform his or her university’s J-1 Responsible Officer of the intention to transfer to the UW.
  • Provide the sponsoring unit with copies of the current and prior DS-2019 forms, and any other information the unit requests.
  • Remain at the current institution until the effective date of transfer.
  • Register to attend a check-in session at ISO. Attendance at the check-in is required by federal law and must occur within 30 days after the transfer date.
  • Obtain the new DS-2019 from ISO at the conclusion of the check-in session.

When transferring out of the University of Washington, the Exchange Visitor must:

  • Complete a Transfer Verification Form and submit it to ISO.
  • Maintain his or her appointment at UW until the effective date of transfer.
  • Report to the international office at the new university to collect the DS-2019 within 30 days after the effective date of transfer.

Determining the start date

The start date at the new institution must be the day immediately following the last day at the prior institution. Gaps between program sponsorship (e.g., for a “vacation”) are not allowed.

Exiting and re-entering the US to begin a new program

If an Exchange Visitor leaves the US then seeks to return under the sponsorship of a new exchange visitor program, this would be viewed as a “new entry,” not a “transfer,” and therefore all the rules and procedures for beginning a new program would apply including possible bars on repeat participation in J-1 status.