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J-1 reporting requirements

The UW, like other J-1 exchange visitor program sponsors, is legally required to report certain information to the U.S. government. In order to maintain the University’s exchange visitor program, it is essential that departments hosting J-1 exchange visitors assist in the fulfillment of these reporting requirements.

J-1 Change Reporting

Changes to information on the DS-2019 usually require that a new DS-2019 be issued or other action taken in SEVIS. Units or scholars must report the following changes by e-mail to

  • Changes in worksite
  • Changes in program end date (must be reported as soon as possible)
  • Permanent departure of a J-2 dependent

Please be sure to include the exchange visitor’s name and SEVIS number.

Submit a J-1 Amendment for the following changes:

  • Changes in program start date (must be reported prior to start of program)
  • Changes in biographic information (name, gender, country of citizenship, etc.)

The following changes require additional review and action by ISO:

J-1 Leave of Absence

Per J-1 program regulations, exchange visitors must engage in J-1 program activities full-time while in the U.S.

A J-1 scholar who is a UW employee may be eligible for leave and/or time off benefits. Unpaid leaves not protected by state or federal law (e.g. FMLA, PFML) are limited to a maximum of 30 calendar days. Units should consult with ISO before approving any leave without pay. AHR business partners may answer general questions about leave and time off benefits.

A J-1 scholar who is not a UW employee may take a short-term leave of absence limited to a maximum of 30 calendar days at the discretion of their sponsoring unit. Units should consult with ISO before approving any short-term leave of absence.