Funding for UW Titles with a Minimum Salary

For all appointment titles on the UW Academic Personnel Salary Minimums Schedule, the individual must be 100% FTE and have external and/or UW funding not less than the UW salary minimum.

The UW is not required to provide funding for the J-1 exchange visitor. Funding sources may also include the following:

  • A U.S. government agency
  • An international organization
  • The exchange visitor’s government
  • The Binational Commission of the exchange visitor’s country
  • The exchange visitor’s employer or other organization
  • Any combination of these

Personal or family funds may not be counted towards the UW salary minimum.

Please note that this funding requirement does not apply to the Visiting Scholar title, which has no minimum salary; however, visiting scholars must still meet the funding requirement below.

Minimum Funding for All Exchange Visitors

For all exchange visitors, regardless of title, combined sources of funding must also be sufficient to cover expenses and not less than:

  • J-1 scholar: $2100/month
  • J-2 spouse: $1200/month
  • J-2 child: $600/month per child

Institutional, governmental, business, or agency funding must cover at least 50% of the minimum funding required.

Evidence of Funding

Before completing the J Visa Request Form, and in accordance with the guidelines listed above, the UW host department must receive, verify, and retain primary-source evidence from all funding sources showing that it is sufficient for the entire appointment duration. Evidence must be in English and, at a minimum, include the following:

  • Exchange visitor’s name
  • Funding source
  • Exact amounts in U.S. dollars