Cross-cultural exchange activities are an essential part of the University’s J-1 exchange visitor program and of our continued ability to sponsor exchange visitors across campus.

Federal law requires that all sponsoring units have plans in place to offer cross-cultural exchange opportunities to J-1 exchange visitors and their J-2 dependents. ISO collects information about planned exchange activities on every J Visa Request.

The Department of State has given the following as examples of appropriate exchange activities:

  • Talk about the American culture/history of philanthropy and volunteerism and then arrange a day of volunteer work with a local charity.
  • Talk about the American economy, crafts and trade, and then plan a day at a county fair and/or a local trade show.
  • Talk about American sports and recreation, then pick a sport to teach visitors to play, creating a league with competitive games. Go to a game/match (high school, college, professional) all together.

In addition, the following exchange opportunities can be easily integrated into an exchange visitor’s time in the unit:

  • Campus tours, or tours of local landmarks or historical districts
  • Departmental luncheons, happy hours, or other events
  • Campus cultural events, including Dawg Daze and musical or theater performances
  • Husky sporting events
  • Visits to museums on campus, including the Burke Museum and the Henry Art Gallery

International Scholars Operations also encourages individual exchange visitors to seek out additional opportunities for exchange outside of their sponsoring department. More information can be found on the OAP Getting Settled page.

Unit administrators should feel free to contact ISO with any questions about the cross-cultural exchange component of the J-1 exchange visitor program.