When to begin

Begin at least three weeks prior to the expiration date indicated in item 3 of the current DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status.

How to apply
  1. Work with your Dean’s Office to determine whether the Exchange Visitor is eligible for the appointment title indicated on the UW J Visa Request Form.  Email acadvisa@uw.edu with any questions.
  2. Verify and retain evidence of sufficient funding from all sources for the duration of the appointment.
  3. Follow the UW Visa Request Instructions.
  4. When you receive the DS-2019 from ISO, forward it to the Exchange Visitor. Keep a copy for departmental records.
About the DS-2019

ISO will normally issue the DS-2019 to cover a period of up to one year (item 3 on the DS-2019). Extensions may be requested in increments of up to one year. The DS-2019 can be issued to cover a longer period if the sponsoring department commits to pay full salary to the Exchange Visitor for the entire duration of stay. Separate DS-2019s are issued for accompanying dependents. The sponsoring department forwards the DS-2019 to the Exchange Visitor.

Instructions for the Exchange Visitor

The Exchange Visitor staples the new DS-2019 to all prior DS-2019s. It is important to keep all DS-2019s together. Collectively, they establish the Exchange Visitor’s immigration history in the US.

Applicable Fees

Departments are charged a processing fee of $300, payable by cost transfer invoice (CTI), for each DS-2019 requested (including DS-2019s issued for J-2 dependents). If the validity dates of the DS-2019 exceed one year, an additional processing fee of $300 will be assessed for each year the form covers. Budget documentation will be sent to Budget Contact listed on the UW J Visa Request Form. Departments may request reimbursement of the fee from the Exchange Visitor. Note: Only non-federal grant budgets may be used to pay for the J-1 processing fee. This is in accordance with OMB (Office of Management and Budget), Circular A-21, Cost Principles for Educational Institutions.