Formerly known as second year reviews.

According to Faculty Code Section 24-41, during the second year of an assistant professor’s initial 3-year appointment they must be reviewed for consideration of a second 3-year appointment. This process is outlined for other tenure track appointments in Faculty Code Section 25-32D. This process is now administered through Workday.

In order to identify the correct population* and process review decisions, there are 3 sequential steps needed to ensure eligible academic personnel are reviewed. All renewal decisions must be entered into Workday prior to the end of the academic year in which they occur.

Step 1: Update the “Academic Review Date” in Workday for all academic personnel whose Academic Review Date fields are blank.

Step 2: Run the “Academics with Approaching Second Year Review Date” report to identify all academic personnel in your unit who need to have Academic Reviews done in spring.

Step 3: Document and process Academic Review decisions in Workday.

Titles involved in the Academic Review process

  • Assistant Professors
  • Assistant Professors WOT
  • Research Assistant Professors
  • Assistant Professors – Clinical Dental Pathway
  • Associate Professors Tenure Track
  • Professors Tenure Track
  • Sr. Assistant Librarians*
  • APL assistant professor WOT

*The review period for Sr. Assistant Librarians begins October 1 of the third year of their initial three-year appointment, per Chapter II, Section A, part 2-D of the Librarian Personnel Code.

Begin the Second Year Review Process