Appointment Details

  • Title: Teaching Associate
  • Service Period: 3, 6, 9 or 12 months
  • Limitations on Appointment: Teaching Associate appointments are normally instructional positions.
  • Length of Appointment: Quarterly or Annual
  • Eligible for Tenure: No
  • Voting Rights: No
  • Salary Requirements: Must meet University minimum
  • Full-time/Part-time: Both
  • Promotable: No
  • Competitive Recruitment Required: No

New Appointment Details

  • Educational/Experience Requirements: Determined at the local level
  • Documentation Required


  • Chair/director’s letter, including faculty vote
  • Letters of recommendation (3 preferred, 1 mandatory)
  • Curriculum vitae


Note: OAP is no longer collecting background checks.

Promotion Details

  • Not a promotable title.

Reappointment Details

  • May be reappointed on a quarterly or annual basis.
  • Teaching Associates must be considered and recommended for reappointment each year.
  • There are no limits to the number of reappointments that can be made.
  • Annual appointments must be given 6 months notice.
  • Documentation required is a single PDF including correspondence from the chair/director to the faculty member indicating the reappointment decision including faculty member’s name, title, and term of the appointment as well as the faculty member’s acceptance of the reappointment.

Termination Details

  • If the faculty member leaves the University prior to the end of their appointment, a resignation letter should be provided.