Academic Personnel

Merit Salary Adjustments

Faculty members are reviewed annually for merit following the procedures outlined in the UW Policy Directory, Faculty Code, Section 24-55.

Research and WOT faculty members are evaluated for merit at the same time and in the same manner as state-funded faculty members.

Faculty conferences with the chair/director provide important documentation in the evaluation of each faculty member’s contributions. Both student and collegial teaching evaluations must also be part of an individual’s cumulative record.

Faculty members’ contributions to teaching, research and service are considered in this process. Each individual’s accomplishments may be distributed differently among these categories in a given year and over time, and greater achievement in one category can compensate for lesser achievement in another. Use the Merit Voting Matrix to identify faculty titles eligible for merit and corresponding voting responsibilities.

A faculty member who is non-meritorious for two consecutive years will be provided with a unit level assistance committee.

The key dates for merit-related events change each year, and are announced in a communication by the Budget Office and Provost’s Office each spring.

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