As of July 2021, units are required to conduct sexual misconduct reference checks for all final candidates who do not have a current UW appointment before an official employment or appointment offer. To comply with the new state law, units must follow the process below regardless of whether or not there is a positive declaration of sexual misconduct:

  • Identify the final candidate(s) to hire or appoint. (This candidate may or may not have been competitively recruited.)
  • Provide the final candidate with the pdf version of the Sexual Misconduct Declaration.
    • This form includes spaces for candidates to list their current and past postsecondary educational institutions (public and private).
    • If the candidate responds in the affirmative to any of the declaration questions, contact the AHR business partners prior to beginning the reference check process.
  • Unit administrators must email the candidate’s postsecondary educational institutions references from Washington state, using the contact list. The administrators should attach the candidate’s signed declaration and the Employer Sexual Misconduct Reference Disclosure to the email. If the UW is a past employer, contact to conduct the reference check.
  • Employers have a minimum of 5 business days to complete and return the Employer Sexual Misconduct Reference Disclosure to the original requestor.
  • Once 5 business days have lapsed or responses have been received from all contacted employers, whichever comes first, administrators can sign-off on the declaration and proceed with the hiring process.
    • If the candidate has not previously worked at a Washington state postsecondary educational institution, administrators may proceed without conducting a sexual misconduct reference check. The declaration should be completed and uploaded to Workday.
    • Contact the OAP business partners if:
      • An employer provides an affirmative response on the Employer Sexual Misconduct Reference Disclosure, even if the response is received after the 5 business day waiting period.
      • A response is received from an employer after the Workday Hire business process has been submitted for approval, even if there are no affirmative responses on the Employer Sexual Misconduct Reference Disclosure.
  • The sexual misconduct declaration and all employer responses should be combined into a single pdf and uploaded to the Workday Hire business process. More information about hiring packet requirements can be found in the Academic Titles and Ranks section of the OAP website.

Offer Letter Content

Offer letters should include the language below: (updated June 2021)

This offer is contingent upon acceptable outcomes regarding criminal background (if applicable) and sexual misconduct checks. State law requires that the University of Washington obtain a Disclosure of Sexual Misconduct declaration signed by the candidate, as well as conduct a reference check concerning any sexual misconduct at current or past Washington state postsecondary educational institutions. The declaration requires candidates to disclose any substantiated findings of sexual misconduct, to authorize current and past employers to disclose to the UW any sexual misconduct currently being investigated and/or committed by the candidate, and to release current and past employers from any liability. If the results of the disclosure or reference check are unacceptable, the offer will not be extended.

Responding to Sexual Misconduct Reference Requests

As stated above, the UW is also considered a Washington state postsecondary employer and is subject to the reference check process. If contacted by an employer, please provide employers with UWHR’s contact: