Forms, Tools and Reports

This page is a one-stop resource for information regarding many of the employee-related issues that may need to be addressed during the academic year. The materials below will assist University of Washington units and academic personnel in the necessary and proper procedures for administering standard employee-related issues such as appointments, leaves, visa requests, salary adjustments and many other circumstances that arise throughout an individual’s employment at UW.


A/B Retention Salary Adjustment Request (.doc)

Actual Wage Memorandum (.docx)

Address Update Form (online form)

Advertisement Template (online form)

Affirmative Action Data Form

Biography (.doc)

Criminal Conviction and Civil Finding History Self-Disclosure Questionnaire for Academic Personnel (.pdf)

Fitness for Duty form (pdf)

Full Time Summer Salary Notification form (online form)

H-1B/E3/TN Visa Intake Form (.docx)

H-1B/E-3/TN Visa Request Form (online form)

Insurance Compliance Statement (.pdf)

J-1 Check-In Registration Form (online form)

J-1 Scholar Exit Interview (online form)

J-1 Visa Intake Form (.docx)

J-1 Visa Request Form (online form)

Leave Certification for Family Member’s Serious Health Condition (.pdf)

Leave Certification for Maternity Related Disability and Parental Leave (.pdf)

Leave Certification for Personal Serious Health Condition (.pdf)

Leave Certification for Victims of Domestic Violence (.pdf)

Leave of Absence without Pay Application (.doc)

Librarian Personnel Code (.pdf)

Military Caregiver Leave Request for Serious Illness or Injury of a Veteran (.pdf)

Military Family Leave Request for Serious Injury or Illness of Covered Service Member (.pdf)

Military Family Leave Request – Qualifying Exigency (.pdf)

Military Leave Request (.pdf)

Out of Country Request (.docx)

Paid Professional Leave Application (.doc)

Parental Leave Certification for Parent other than the Birth Mother (.pdf)

Prevailing Wage Intake Form (.docx)

Request for Family DS-2019 (.docx)

Relocation Incentive Payment Approval Form (.doc)

Retention Salary Adjustment Form (.docx)

SEVIS Printout Request (online form)

Short Term Faculty Appointment or Reappointment Form (.pdf)

Transfer Verification Form (.docx)

Translators Certificate (.pdf)


Endowed Faculty Fellowship Appointment Process Checklist (.pdf)

Endowed Professorship or Chair Appointment Process Checklist (.doc)

New Appointment Packet Checklist (link)

New Faculty and Academic Staff Checklist (.pdf)

Professorship (Term) Appointment Process Checklist (.doc)

Promotion / Tenure Recommendation Checklist (.pdf)

Separating Faculty and Academic Staff Checklist (.pdf)

E-3 Visa Request Checklist (link)

H-1B Visa Request Checklist (.docx)


A/B Policy Agreement Letter (.doc)

Chair’s Letter of Solicitation (link)

Competitive Offer Response Letter (link)

Dean’s / Chair’s Letter of Recommendation (link)

H-1B Change of Department (.docx)

H-1B Extension (.docx)

H-1B Request (.docx)

Offer Letter – General Candidate (link)

Offer Letter – Visiting Scholar (link)

Request for Additional Information from an Applicant (link)

TN Request (.docx)

Unsuccessful Applicant Letters (link)


AHR Bulletin I – Paid Professional Leave (.pdf)

AHR Bulletin II – Outside Professional Work (.pdf)

Leave Comparison Chart (.pdf)

Promotion Review Process – Departmentalized Units (.pdf)

Promotion Review Process – Undepartmentalized Units (.pdf)

USERRA Poster (.pdf)

Visiting Appointment Matrix (.doc)


Changing Appointments – Presentation (.pdf)

Changing Appointments – Handout (.pdf)