The E-3 employee should be prepared to present the following to an immigration officer when entering or re-entering the US in E-3 status :

  • Passport valid for at least six months beyond the date of the expected period of stay
  • If entering the US to begin E-3 status, the individual should bring a copy of the offer letter. If re-entering the US to continue E-3 status, the individual should have a letter from the department confirming that he or she is returning to continue employment.
  • ETA 9035 Labor Condition Application
  • Valid E-3 visa stamp. If the visa has expired, it may be extended by presenting the documents listed above to a US embassy or consulate. For more information about the visa process, contact the US embassy or consulate in the city where the application will be submitted. A valid E-3 visa is not required for re-entry to the US following a visit of less than 30 days in Canada or Mexico. This is known as automatic visa revalidation. To qualify, the individual must be applying for readmission to the US after a temporary absence of not more than 30 days, have maintained and intend to resume status as an E-3, have a previously authorized stay which is valid at the time of re-entry, and present a currently valid I-94 and passport. With automatic revalidation, the visa will be considered to be “extended” (and “converted” to the proper visa category if the individual previously changed status while in the US) to the date of re-entry, eliminating the need to obtain a new visa at a US consulate before that particular re-entry. Note that if the individual applies for a new visa while in contiguous territory (Canada or Mexico), he or she will not be able to return to the US unless the visa is granted.
  • If an E-3 petition was filed with USCIS, original Form I-797 Approval Notice(s) and a photocopy of the most-recent I-129 form.