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Staff required documents for H-1B new and extension petitions


Gather the relevant materials below and follow the outlined steps.

  • Review this page (Printable checklist)
  • Confirm that the UW H Visa Request Form and all supporting documentation contain consistent information (e.g., position title, proposed dates of H-1B sponsorship, and salary)
  • Return as one complete packet to International Scholars Operations (ISO) by one of the following methods:
    • By campus mail to campus mailbox 351245
    • As one complete PDF by replying to the email sent with the approved visa request
    • As one complete PDF uploaded to the visa request using the “Manage Files” function

With the exception of the employer’s letter, all documentation must be legible, single-sided photocopies of original documents on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. Original (wet) signatures are not required except as specified below. Do not use staples.

Documents Needed for All Requests

  • A conditionally approved and signed H Visa Request Form (see our How to Sponsor page)
  • Complete and print the Prevailing Wage Intake Form. (This form is not necessary for positions covered by collective bargaining agreements.)
  • Complete, print and obtain signatures on the Actual Wage Memorandum
  • $460 check payable to “U.S. Department of Homeland Security”
    • It is the responsibility of the hiring department to pay the fees on behalf of the foreign beneficiary
  • Employer’s letter on departmental letterhead to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) which includes all elements outlined in the linked template
  • Copy of offer or extension letter that includes title, salary, and dates of employment
  • Copy of UWHIRES job description
  • Completed UWHR rubric, with supporting document(s)
  • If the beneficiary will work at more than one location, include an attachment listing the dates and address of each location where work will be performed
    • If any work will be performed at a site that is not managed by UW (e.g., VA Puget Sound Health Care System), include documentation (e.g. MOU or contract) authorizing UW employees to perform duties at the other work locations(s)
  • Evidence that the beneficiary holds the degree required for the job
    • Beneficiary’s transcripts (If transcripts are unavailable, please explain why.)
    • Official diploma
    • Foreign language documents must include full English translations, certified by the translator as complete and correct
    • For degrees from foreign universities, the beneficiary should obtain a foreign educational equivalency evaluation by a recognized credentials evaluation service
  • If required for the job, U.S. professional license
  • Passport page showing biographical data and expiration date
  • If currently in the U.S.:
  • If the beneficiary has ever held H-1B status, current and any prior H-1B I-797 Approval Notices
  • If beneficiary is currently in J-1 or J-2 status, or has ever held J-1 or J-2 status, include:
    • Current and any prior DS-2019s and/or IAP-66s
    • USCIS approval of waiver of foreign residence requirement
      • Applicable only if the beneficiary ever held J-1 or J-2 status and requested and received the waiver
    • Current and any prior Employment Authorization Documents (EAD), if any

Additional Required Documents For New and Change of Employer (Transfer) Petitions

For petitions where:

  • The beneficiary is currently outside the U.S., or
  • The beneficiary is in the U.S. in a nonimmigrant status other than H-1B, or in H-1B status with another employer

include the following in addition to all materials listed above:

  • $500 Fraud Prevention and Detection Fee check payable to “U.S. Department of Homeland Security.”
    • It is the responsibility of the hiring department to pay the fees on behalf of the foreign beneficiary.
  • If beneficiary is currently in F-1 status, include:
    • Current and prior I-20s
    • Current and prior EADs, if any
  • If beneficiary is currently in H-4 status, include:
    • Marriage certificate, with English translation
    • Spouse’s most recent I-94 Record
    • Spouse’s current and any prior I-797 Approval Notices
    • Spouse’s most-recent pay stub or other proof of current employment
  • If beneficiary is currently in another nonimmigrant or immigrant status, contact ISO to determine what evidence you must submit.

Dependent Filings for H-4 Status

Dependents in the U.S. changing to or extending H-4 status complete Form I-539. ISO will file this application concurrently with the H-1B petition as a courtesy, but cannot complete it or provide specific legal advice related to it. The I-539 should be completed in the name of the principal dependent, not the H-1B.

Children under 14 years of age should have a parent sign Part 6 of the I-539 using the following language: PARENT NAME on behalf of minor CHILD NAME.

In addition to the completed I-539 with original signature and $370 check payable to “U.S. Department of Homeland Security”, include the following documents for each dependent:

  • A completed Form I-539A with original signature for each additional dependent
  • Proof of relationship to the H-1B employee (marriage certificate for spouse and birth certificates for children)
  • Copies of passport pages showing biographical data and expiration date and U.S. visa stamp
  • Copy of dependent’s most recent I-94 Record
  • Any I-20s, DS-2019s, I-797 Approval Notices, EADs, or other documentation of current nonimmigrant status, if applicable