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Staff H-1B/E-3 Sponsorship Process

During the pilot phase, H-1B/E-3 processing will occur as follows for new and open recruitments: 

  • Prior to beginning the recruitment:
    • Units must  notify their UWHR recruitment partner that they would like to open the recruitment to applicants that need visa sponsorship. 
    • UWHR will consult with units to ensure legal requirements are met for position visa eligibility as a “specialty occupation” (complexity of the position and the standard educational preparation for the position).
  • Upon identification of a finalist who needs sponsorship:
    • Units that identify final candidates who require H-1B (or E-3) sponsorship will  work with UWHR to complete an H-1B eligibility rubric with supporting documentation.
  • Upon UWHR written approval, visa processing will proceed as described on our How to Sponsor page. Clients should attach the completed H-1B eligibility rubric to the visa request where prompted.

Units should know: 

  • UW will only sponsor full-time, UW-paid regular positions for H-1B/E-3 status.
  • Processing times for H-1Bs and E-3s can vary widely from 2-3 months (for positions subject to a collective bargaining agreement [“CBA”]) to 7 months or longer (for positions not subject to a CBA).
  • Processing time can also vary based on the candidate’s current visa status and whether they are located inside or outside the U.S.
  • H-1B/E-3 sponsorship is position-, location-, and employer-specific. Any significant changes in title, compensation, worksite, or job duties should be reported to ISO. Significant changes may necessitate a new H-1B visa request.
  • Units considering staff H-1B (and E-3) visa sponsorship should be prepared to cover sponsorship costs.

If you are a UW unit interested in learning more about visa sponsorship for a staff position, please email for more information on staff H-1B visa eligibility.