Academic Personnel

Retention Salary Adjustments

Deans and chancellors may request retention salary adjustments through the Office of the Provost via Academic Human Resources. The request must include an assessment of the individual’s merit and value to the institution, the circumstances warranting a retention adjustment, the proposed adjustment, and effective date. Retention salary adjustments receive case-by-case review by the Office of the Provost. As such, additional documentation may be requested in consideration of the case.

As a general principle, retention salary adjustments are expected to provide a minimum 7.5% salary increase. An individual may not receive a retention salary adjustment for a period of three years from the effective date of the most recent retention adjustment.

Retention salary adjustments are prospective. Approval from the Office of the Provost must be received prior to the effective date of the salary increase. Faculty should be informed that all retention offers are contingent upon approval by the Office of the Provost.

To request a retention salary adjustment, please complete the Retention Salary Adjustment Form, upload the completed form to “Maintain Worker Documents” in Workday, and submit the request for approval through Workday. For Workday help, contact the Integrated Service Center (ISC). Use the Competitive Offer Response Letter to inform faculty members of approved retention salary adjustments due to competitive offers.

Review of the proposed retention salary adjustment will take into consideration the following:

  • Request has the approval of the dean or chancellor
  • Request reflects a minimum 7.5% increase
  • The retention request was made in compliance with the required consultative processes (Faculty Code, Sec. 24-71-B3)
  • The individual has not received a retention salary adjustment within the preceding three years
  • The individual is not at the rank of assistant professor entering the mandatory promotion review period
  • Request is a prospective, not retroactive, adjustment
  • The individual was determined to be meritorious in the most recent merit evaluation
  • The salary increase can be paid within existing resources
  • The salary increase will not adversely impact the provision of client services
  • For faculty who participate in the School of Medicine practice plan, 7.5% refers to their total base salary, inclusive of UW and practice plan components


Reference: UW Policy Directory, Faculty Code, Chapter 24 and Executive Order No. 64

Page updated 10/31/2017