Faculty Policy and Process

(Effective 6/11/2020)


The FY2020-21 UW Faculty Salary Distribution Plan allows for limited retention salary adjustments in truly exceptional circumstances. Deans/chancellors requesting a retention salary adjustment will be expected to:

  • Describe the retention circumstances, the emergency nature of the request, and the value that the faculty member brings to the University. Exceptional circumstances could include retention of faculty who exemplify a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion through their instruction, research, and service, or retention of faculty actively engaged in research that addresses the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Describe the consultative process as provided for in UW Faculty Code Section 24-71 B-3 and indicate the level of faculty support for the retention. If units have a policy that limits the level of consultation conducted by the faculty, provide a copy of the policy and the date when it was last affirmed or amended.
  • Provide additional documentation as requested on a case-by-case basis by the Office of the Provost.

It is expected that retention salary adjustments will:

  • Have the support and approval of the dean or chancellor
  • Provide for a minimum 7.5% increase to the total base salary or minimum 10% increase if the individual will be precluded from a merit adjustment in the fiscal year immediately following the retention effective date (Note: Base salary calculation shall include any practice plan components)
  • Comply with the required consultative processes described in UW Faculty Code Section 24-71-B3
  • Have an effective date that is prospective, not retroactive
  • Be requested only for individuals determined to be meritorious in the most recent merit evaluation
  • Be paid for with existing resources

Retention salary adjustments should not be requested for either of the following:

  • Assistant professors entering into or already in the mandatory promotion review period
  • Faculty who have received a retention adjustment within in the preceding 3 years


The retention salary adjustment review and approval process shall be as follows:

  1. Dean/chancellor reviews Provost Richards’ Faculty Retention Adjustment email dated June 12
  2. Unit completes–in full–the FY20-21 Retention Salary Adjustment Request Form inclusive of the dean/chancellor’s rationale
  3. Unit sends the completed form and any other supporting documentation to Assistant Vice Provost Margaret (Peg) Stuart who will coordinate provost-level review
  4. Upon notification of approval, unit initiates compensation change in Workday and loads the approved retention form into Maintain Worker Documents as part of the standard business process

Note: Approval from the Office of the Provost must be received prior to the effective date of the retention salary adjustment and prior to initiating the transaction in Workday. Faculty should be informed that retention offers are always contingent upon approval by the Office of the Provost.

Use the Competitive Offer Response Letter to inform faculty members of approved retention salary adjustments due to competitive offers.

Postdoctoral Scholar Policy and Process


The UW-UAW Postdoctoral Scholars Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) states that “[f]or the purpose of retention, the Employer may enter into individual agreements at any time with Postdoctoral Scholars regarding salary increases.”  

Discretionary salary/stipend increases for postdoctoral scholars typically should occur on the appointment anniversary date, concurrent with the minimum 2% CBA-mandated increase. 

“Off-cycle” requests for discretionary retention increases may be considered in circumstances that warrant a more expeditious review. 

These discretionary retention increases are prospective and must receive approval from the principal investigator and academic unit, the respective dean’s/chancellor’s offices, and the Office of Academic Personnel prior to the effective date of the salary/stipend increase. All approvals must be received before making an agreement with an individual postdoctoral scholar.  


To request a discretionary retention salary adjustment that does not coincide with a CBA-mandated increase or with the award of extramural funding, please use the following process in Workday: 

The following information must be included in the comments of the Workday business process for all discretionary postdoctoral scholar retention requests (Requests will be sent back to the initiator if these items are not addressed.):

  • Effective date of increase (this must be a prospective adjustment, dated the 1st or the 16th of the month) 
  • Proposed percentage increase 
  • Justification for retention increase
  • Justification for off-cycle request
  • Academic appointing unit and dean’s office/chancellor’s office must attest that:
    • The salary or stipend increase is able to be paid within existing resources and maintained for the lifetime of the appointment
    • The discretionary retention increase does not impact the anniversary date for CBA-mandated increases
    • The individual has been evaluated as making satisfactory progress in their most recent assessment