Academic Personnel

Funding for J-1 Exchange Visitors

Funding for Exchange Visitors holding certain appointment titles 

If the Exchange Visitor holds or will hold one of the following UW appointment titles, the individual must hold a 100% FTE job and have minimum funding equal to at least $3,957/month in order to comply with UW salary minimums:

The UW is not required to provide funding for the J-1 Exchange Visitor. Funding sources may also include a U.S. government agency, an international organization, the Exchange Visitor’s government, the Binational Commission of the Exchange Visitor’s country, the Exchange Visitor’s employer or other organization, or any combination of these. However, personal or family funds may not be considered, and the total in U.S. dollars must meet the minimum threshold of $3,957/month.

Funding that includes UW salary

Regardless of the UW appointment title, if the UW provides all or part of the Exchange Visitor’s salary, the total amount from all sources (excluding personal and family funds) must meet the UW salary minimums commensurate to the Exchange Visitor’s academic rank in the home country.

Minimum funding for all Exchange Visitors

For all Exchange Visitors, regardless of salary source or title, combined sources of funding must be sufficient to cover expenses and not less than:

  • J-1 scholar: $2100/month
  • J-2 spouse: $1200/month
  • J-2 child: $600/month per child

Funding for these Exchange Visitors also may not be provided solely by personal or family funds.  Personal and family funds may supplement but not substitute for institutional, governmental or agency funding.

Evidence of funding

Before completing the International Scholar Operations J Visa Request Form, and in accordance with the guidelines listed above, the UW host department must receive, verify, and retain primary-source evidence from all sources of funding showing that it is sufficient for the duration of the appointment. Evidence should include the Exchange Visitor’s name, identify the funding source, and list exact amounts in U.S. dollars.

Student Interns  

If the J-1 Exchange Visitor is a student intern, see VISIT/VISER funding details.